reviewed Anomali Coffee Ubud

22 reviews · 3 years ago

Coffee was OK but not really up to standards, atmosphere was nonexistent and service droll and disinterested. Probably better than the average muck for coffee but there is better around.

reviewed Seniman Coffee Studio

22 reviews · 3 years ago

Coffee was a godsend in a place lien bali with well made latte served up with a lovely coconut cake. Atmosphere was more suited to the hipster set so was a little weird for normal people who just love good coffee. Worth the visit for sure.

reviewed Sacred Ground

22 reviews · 4 years ago

The espresso my fried had was pretty good but the latte with extra shot was still milky and that added to the milk being overheated made it undrinkable. Didn't try the food.

reviewed Fonty's Pool Kiosk

22 reviews · 5 years ago

Usually when you have a coffee at a caravan park and swimming pool kiosk you expect the worst, but amazingly the coffee was well done. Grind on demand, not burnt milk and no over extraction made for a really good cup of coffee. Recommended for the coffee and a swim, not much else on offer and a bit out of the way.

reviewed Holy Smoke

22 reviews · 5 years ago

Holy smoke must have gone badly down hill since the last review as it is pretty nasty now. The coffee was made with pods, milk overheated, machine didn't look clean. Only slightly better than than instant! Lots of yummy treats to buy so worth going for that but don't bother with the coffee.

reviewed Petit Thuet

22 reviews · 5 years ago

Nice little Cafe. Coffee is better than the typical downtown fare without being stunning. Great selection of French pastries which also tastes as good as they look. Good atmosphere but relatively quiet.

reviewed Dark Horse Espresso Bar

22 reviews · 5 years ago

A bastion of good coffee in a world of pain for coffee lovers that is North America. The coffee was flavorful and well made not the usual stale, overly milky, burnt milk tripe you get most places in Toronto. Atmosphere was good and the barista great to chat to, and her talk was backed up by what was. In the cup. Highly recommended for coffee.

reviewed Race Cafe

22 reviews · 6 years ago

Went in on the recommendation of one review and I have to say I wasn't disappointed. Pretty good coffee, yummy banana bread but an awesome atmosphere and fantastic service. There was a guy playing guitar and singing at 7:30am and I was a much better breakfast than the corporate hotel!!

reviewed Naked Coffee

22 reviews · 6 years ago

I had heard about Naked from a while back as a place where they cared about making coffee. It has obviously changed hands. Staff didn\'t seem to know the first thing about the art of coffee. I have had worse though.

reviewed Cranked

22 reviews · 6 years ago

Coffee that I have had have been OK but nothing special. Service is weird as they take table orders but take forever to come and won't take an order at the counter if you take the trouble to seek them out.

reviewed txtSHOTS

22 reviews · 6 years ago

Really good coffee and friendly. Food is minimal. Did I say good coffee! Can text through your order and have it waiting for you.