About Beanhunter

What is Beanhunter?

Beanhunter makes it easy to find and share your coffee experiences. It is a door into a city's coffee culture. You get in and get to share.

Whether you're a tourist in a new city or a local in your own town, Beanhunter will connect you with the city's coffee gems and what others are recommending.

Our three key goals are to:

  1. Help people find and share great coffee experiences;
  2. Increase discoverability for independent cafes; and
  3. Support the specialty coffee industry.

Many of a cities best cafes are tucked away down little streets around the globe & are hard to find. Now the coffee loving community has a place to share their favourite cafes and coffee experiences with the rest of the world.

Here at Beanhunter we realise that this mission of finding the best coffee spots all over the world is not possible without the efforts of you, the Beanhunter community who submit cafes, write reviews, add photos on the beautiful drink that is coffee! We hope that you find much joy searching through the many fantastic coffee spots all over the globe.