reviewed 'frankies' PLACE

5 reviews · 4 years ago

$56 for breakfast for two fer Lucifer's sakes!! And no discount for the long blonde hair in the fried eggs, or the weak Campos coffee, the 'thick ham' on my plate which looked suspiciously exactly the same as the bacon on my husband's plate, or the $4 side of 6 wilted spinach leaves...................A beautifully presented, transplanted Melbourne hipster joint, without the great coffee, or reasonably priced food. Not worth it.

reviewed The Source Café

5 reviews · 4 years ago

3 of us had lunch on a weekday. We had to repeat our order 3 times, even so husband received the other omelette on the menu. My mexican squid tostado was just bizarre, with a terrible tasteless salad hiding under tasteless salt 'n pepper squid inside a stale inedible tostado. Coffee was not the best, and hasn't been on the last 3 occasions we've been there. Beautiful venue and view. The service and coffee has become consistently average or less.

reviewed One Penny Black

5 reviews · 4 years ago

Consistently very good score over the hundreds of coffees we've had there since its opening day over a year ago. A simple tasty menu complements the coffee perfectly and I recommend it to anyone. Even babies. And dogs.