reviewed Garage Espresso

15 reviews · 3 months ago

Perfect. I've been looking forward to a coffee here and finally made it in time today. Just for a takeaway, but it was lovely. Friendly staff and quick service. Smooth tasty coffee just as you'd hope for.

reviewed The Counter

15 reviews · 2 years ago

I drive past The Counter everyday and am always curious. Glad to have finally visited.. Walking in the door, the smells from the kitchen made my tummy grumble, the coffee was beautiful, a little hot, but good. Food and service was great. Lovely, cosy atmosphere.

reviewed Southpaw

15 reviews · 4 years ago

One of my very favourite coffee spots. Always consistent, friendly staff and the perfect laid back atmosphere. The menu is full of delicious food, perfect flavours.

reviewed Cafe Zappa

15 reviews · 4 years ago

Can always count on this place for great coffee, atmosphere, and the most friendly owner I've ever met. He remembers you after one visit and always sits down for a chat in between making your coffees. Food is amazing, go for the purgatory eggs.