reviewed Bean Drinking

16 reviews · 3 years ago

Great spot, good service. My double ris was sweet, well balanced with a mild acidity. Piccolos were delish, smooth and sweet good latte art. Tried the breakfast panini very tasty!

reviewed Double Roasters

16 reviews · 3 years ago

First time here, on my way to town I stopped in for a quick piccolo, service was lacking, just the usual snobby city barista types you get on occasion. My pic was rich and buttery, strong but pleasant and very easy to drink. Decor was retro funky but was way to dark in the store a little bit more light would have been nice. Menu looked great easy to read. Look forward to another visit with more time!

reviewed Sample

16 reviews · 3 years ago

My new face place in Surry Hills, 2 double espressos, one of each blend! Delish everything the barista described! Can't wait to go back!

reviewed Tartt

16 reviews · 4 years ago

Cute and funky. Tartt is a cafe by day bar and pizza joint by night. A synesso and 5senses coffee single estates available. Food was good fresh and simple, coffee was good we had an Balinese single chocolates and nuts. Yum double ris was good. Pic was Luke warm so could be hotter, other than that it was awesome.

reviewed Harvest Thyme

16 reviews · 5 years ago

This place was a bit of surprise package, the barista looked like he knew what was going on. Coffee was very drinkable, smooth, caramelly and well rounded. Compared to the roastery across the road that didn't open until 10am WHAT THE????? This place is worth a try.

reviewed One Penny Black

16 reviews · 5 years ago

These guys are awesome, my double ristrettos were great, vibe was funky, the pastries looked really really good! Decor was trendy. The baristas huen and garth were fun to talk to and to get your coffee geek on! Piccolos were ok. Food was basic, but oh so tasty. Keep up the good work see u when we're back in town :)

reviewed Cassiopeia

16 reviews · 5 years ago

New little hole in the wall, roaster is on display which is cool, pour over bar, have had 2 coffees on 2 separate occasions my long black was good maybe poured a little too long for a double Ris bit watery and the pic on the second visit was good but as a double it's lacked punch. Vibe was sterile.

reviewed T'Hooft

16 reviews · 5 years ago

Wow this place sure is impressive, there is a caravan in the front of the shop and the place is like a rabbit warren with places to chill in every nook and cranny. This was cool until the coffee arrived the piccolo was just drinkable and my doppio ristretto was awful! it was served in a bondi chai latte glass. WHAT THE???????????? We paid and left.

reviewed Wholesome Bean

16 reviews · 5 years ago

I'm in bendigo for a couple of days on RnR popped in for a dop ris was a little watery, sweet, with a hint of spice. Piccolo to follow was very savoury and served in a strange solid cup with handle. Service was friendly, two guys look like skaters, good choice of music! Decor was quirky.

reviewed Sprocket Roasters

16 reviews · 5 years ago

Stumbled apon this gem the other day whilst on a trip, doppio Ris was kinda long but easy to drink, piccolo was good too, bit ashy and not very sweet. Going in for seconds:)

reviewed Coffee Alchemy

16 reviews · 5 years ago

Coffee alchemy is the only place I go when I'm in town! My doppio ristretto is made with perfection, and my piccolo to follow was well just as good! Had a chat with the barista's who are a wealth knowledge about the latest pour over on offer and hazel the owner is one of the loveliest ladies I've ever met!

reviewed Zesti

16 reviews · 6 years ago

Piccolo was average! Milk was too hot (possibly reheated) with an unpleasant acidity, no apparent flavor. Latte art was ok! Breaky in the other hand was good everything was fresh and made on the spot, very quick service!!!! And friendly (surprisingly uncommon)!

reviewed True To The Bean

16 reviews · 6 years ago

Great coffee, the best in Katoomba! They use Coffee Alchemy from Hazel De Los Reyos, in Marrikville and they use a Kees Van Der Westen two group Mirage. The waffles are very good, not like u expect though! Try them with cinnamon and maple syrup and ice cream!