reviewed Cafecito

5 reviews · 5 years ago

Hard to believe no one has reviewed this place yet. Cafecito has been a fixture on the Belmore rd coffee circuit for years now. The space is small and if there are more than about six people waiting for coffees everyone needs to take a deep breath in so everyone can fit inside!! :) There's about 4 tables and a bench along the side window, which overlooks Belmore rd, a nice spot to watch the world go by as you have your coffee. They use Grinders coffee, and also have a good range of cafe foods, big breakfasts, sandwiches, cakes, etc. Consistently friendly helpful staff here, they obviously have a good recruitment process :)

reviewed 18 Gram espresso

5 reviews · 6 years ago

I like this cafe. Friendly team. Tasty coffee. They also make light meals and sandwiches. Prolly the quietest cafe on the Belmore strip coz its located on the quietest part of the street. Location works against them I say. Often I'm the only customer in there and I don't go all that often, so what does that say? I'm not sure why they didn't take over the old Coffee & Things shop, it had been empty for months before Atacama opened. C&T was light and bright and had an awesome off-street courtyard out the back also, and I'm sure they'd have collected brownie points for opening a new cafe there. Ah well. This shop feels just a little to dark and quiet. They'd do ten times better on another part of Belmore road IMHO :)

reviewed Stack

5 reviews · 6 years ago

It's off the beaten path in terms of other cafes in the Randwick area which are on Belmore Rd or Avoca St, but the family owned Stack cafe, located on the corner of King & Church Sts, is a gem. Co-owned by the people at LL Cafe Wine & Dine in Kings Cross, the coffee (Single Origin) and food is great food. Definitely worth a try.

reviewed Fresh Ground

5 reviews · 6 years ago

Fresh Ground's coffee (Numero Uno) is prolly head and shoulders above other cafes locally. The staff seems to change regularly but the coffee just always stays as great as ever. Nice selection of sandwiches, and toasts.

reviewed Duke's Lounge

5 reviews · 6 years ago

The staff are friendly, you can't dispute that, they prolly make Dukes the most welcoming cafe in Randwick. Coffee was ok, but nothing to rave about. They need to take a leaf out of the Fresh Ground (on nearby Belmore rd) book, who also use Numero Uno coffee, but make a great cup of it. A sign on the window once did said they were open at nights but when we've gone passed, a couple of times now, they've been closed???