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25 Bradbury Street, Nundah, Queensland


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6:30AM - 1:30PM
6:30AM - 1:30PM
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23 Reviews

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41 reviews · 4 followers · 6 years ago

Disclaimer: I visit each cafe at least 3 times, as we know that brew consistancy can change with the Barista, and whether the cafe is quiet, busy etc. Hidden away on a back street right beside the Toombul Train Station is this little gem. I am jealous that the locals of Nundah have kept this place to themselves!! On my first visit to Solo, I ran into the Beanbrewding team! So I knew I must be in the right place! Beanbrewding's blog review is here - Talking to the owner Ken, Solo opened in December 2012 and they have been roasting on site since then. At the time of this review they have a small electronic Japanese Roaster and will be moving to a gas powered unit in the near future. Parking - Due to the proximity to the train station, parking can be a little tricky. Parking is on street or if you are lucky , you can snag a park in the near by station car park. On my first 2 visits parking was easy (on street). My 3rd visit, after a little hunting got a park in the train station carpark. Coffee-- Solo has 2 main blends. Wild South Blend contains: Yirgacheffe Chelba OCR, Sidamo Karate OCR and Guatemala Plan Del Guaybo. This blend cuts though milk very well and to me it smelt like a warm molasses and the yirgacheffe dominates. After taste lasts on the full palate well. Fiery Central Blend contains: Brazil-Serra Eleite Costsa Rica-Liano Bonito Kenya-MUKURWE AB My impressions- cuts though milk gently, I prefer this blend as a doppio. As a doppio, berry and pineapple, sweet and full mouth feel. Different Single Origins are also on roatation regularly. On my 3rd visit, had a Panama Geisha as a piccolo and it was just heavenly , with a slightly burnt orange aroma with cherry highlights. The cafe has a clean decor which just flows. The train noise does not interfere with your experience at all. Free Wi-Fi is available. Standard cafe type food fare is available with reasonable pricing. Beans and coffee accessories are available for purchase. Solo are always provide good customer service and always ask for feedback and take the feedback on board. Take the time to find & visit Solo, you won't be disappointed. Cheers Guy.

63 reviews · 58 followers · 6 years ago

For the full review and fabulous photos visit If you’re flying solo to taste the locally roasted coffee at Solo Espresso in Nundah, the train is the easiest option … unless you’re a Nundah resident navigating the back street labyrinth can be tricky! Of course don’t get off at Nundah train station … whoa that was a lucky check of maps … you alight at Toombul! Enough of the Indiana Jones, Solo Espresso smacks of a corner store, now coffee shop that is light and airy with artistic decor melding. Say what? Yes, decor melding … one bean’s description of the ‘flow’ of the contemporary decor! Too much talk, not enough coffee. Whatever you think of the decor, we found Solo was a place we could easily chill and reminded us of a modernised CoffeeGuy. We had a chat with the owner/barista/roaster and consulted the coffee menu to decide on our maiden voyage of Solo beans roasted in the on-site 2 kilo electric roaster. There were two blends on offer: the Wild South Blend and the Fiery Central Blend plus a Guatemalan Plan Del Guayabo single origin. 3 options – 3 Beans – 3 selections: long macch on the Central, latte on Fiery and AeroPress on Guatemalan. The milk based drinks were velvety and flavoursome, the Guatemalan was flat on the nose, drinkable but had no wow factor. Not to be deterred the black bean of our collective tried the Guatemalan again, this time as a self-created ‘Shlong’ or short/long. With directions darting everywhere, the first solo attempt of the shlong at the La Marzocco machine took flight and delivered a much brighter aroma and more delightful experience for the palate. Latte lad backed up for long macch on the Fiery to round out the second course … with the long macchiato being particularly flavoursome with sweet notes both at the start and also in the aftertaste. The people at Solo Espresso are truly focussed on the locals and strive to meet their coffee needs. The pièce de résistance of the visit were the parting cold drip iced coffees on the Central blend. This was off the radar when making earlier selections. What a way to finish the day … a real highlight, delivering delicate chocolate and berry flavours. So whether you’re flying solo or meeting up with friends, channel a local and enjoy the trip to Solo Espresso in Nundah.

22 reviews · 5 followers · 7 years ago

The place seems to be off the radar of most northside coffee lovers. I'm happy with that as the place is never crowded and service is always friendly and they're happy to chat. I drink mostly black coffee and have been regularly visiting Solo for a fix; but did try my partners piccolo and enjoyed that as well. Their open hours are fantastic as they stay open long past most local coffee shops, for a late beverage.

1 review · 7 years ago

Great to find nice coffee in Nundah where parking isn't an issue. Very friendly owners. Lots of home made goodies and very fresh items off the menu. Had a lovely chicken pesto sandwich with the best chips I've had in many a long while!

436 reviews · 568 followers · 7 years ago

I was a little underwhelmed by their coffee despite the fact that owners were really friendly and they roast their own coffee. My blend was not too bad, but not fantastic as I read. My friends said their single origin lacked a flavour and was very weak. The cafe is very spacious and good for summer. Maybe I would hold my next visit to Solo until they operate full-swing.

2 reviews · 7 years ago

I thought this cafe was fitting of my first review. I was dubious of what quality of coffee I was going to receive upon inspection of the food cabinet (same old mediocre stuff you see everywhere). I dogged food and ordered a piccolo and it was great - I quickly got over the food cabinet and the $3.30 price tag as I don't mind paying for good coffee. Service was also great - my iPad ran out charge and they lent me a charger so I could continue drinking... Oh and working! It was a genuine act of customer service which seems to be very are in Brisbane - thanks Solo!

35 reviews · 5 followers · 7 years ago

Had some initial reservations upon arrival, especially considering the lack of other customers on a Saturday morning; Service was very friendly and obliging. Our coffees were faultless and food was really great for what it was. I would imagine weekday mornings would get a bit of a beating considering proximity to Toombul station; hopefully they gain more exposure for the weekends, because it's too quiet and hidden to run the amount of staff they had on hand. Highly recommend a visit!

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