Greenwich Village Espresso Bar

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93 Greenwich rd, Greenwich, New South Wales

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3 reviews · 3 years ago

Dear Ugly Truth... I'd like to reply to your comment on my local cafe.. As I do frequent it twice daily, seven days a week... I've yet to sight your most peculiar experience! The owners never work together on the same day... And do not huddle in corners chatting whilst their staff carry the burden of running the business!... They are very hands on & most experienced hands at that! They pump out an amazing amount of coffee per week..& a good brew at that! The queues speak for themselves.. And I noticed that you reviewed Sparrow most favourably on their coffee... I'm so pleased as their barista is the same one at Greenwich!! So when reviewing I feel one must first of all be unbiased for my dear one I detect a slight odour to your review!!...

3 reviews · 4 years ago

Although the food is not too bad, (overpriced but appetising), It has been a long time since i have had a coffee this terrible, my long black was only marginally better than dirty water and the service was terrible. While the 3 ladies who own the shop chatted in one corner of the shop, the poor girl on the till had a line building up, yet still no help from the ladies. I would go to the fish shop and have a fish latte anyday before returning to this establishment.

3 reviews · 4 years ago

i have coffee here twice a day...the girls that run this place are fun and always up for a laugh. the coffee is organic and a great brew..the food fresh and unpretentious.These girls are definitely catering to their market.i enjoy my visits there as a local as i always bump in to my fellow neighbours having a cuppa & a chat, well done girls.

24 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

Cannot understand why this place does so well. The fish shop which does Toby's coffee isn't open on Sunday so had to resort to it. Rubbish coffee, the rudest staff I have ever encountered and overpriced food. It wouldn't survive anywhere else .

299 reviews · 470 followers · 4 years ago

so having drowned escaping the island, i needed some warm coming up the hill from the ferry. couldn't bring myself to spend more money at the fisho's so opted for this outlet. coffee was honestly better then i expected though not brilliant. it wasn't too hot, they listened to my request, i got a double shot small take away, it was not bitter and did not require me to sugar it at all. Di Steffano coffee was not singing like an angel, but it certainly wasn't strangling any fishes.

1 review · 5 years ago

I have to say this was one of the worst coffees I've had in a long time. The beans and milk both burnt and absolutely no silk to the milk. To add to that the customer service leaves a lot to be desired. As a local I can say I won't be going back or recommending to friends either. Fail!

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