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6 Station Street, Wentworth Falls, New South Wales


(02) 4757 1429

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6 reviews · 6 years ago

Thanks to Beanhunter found a very good coffee here - wouldn't have known by the look of the cafe, but excellent Morgan's beans, excellent piccolo and double espresso . Lots of good quality home made food and packaged goods to buy.

299 reviews · 471 followers · 6 years ago

Sunday morning fix, FED!! Fantastic espresso, spice and berry nose, deep earthy cocoa finish, really lovely. Followed by a lively little soy pic, perfect temp, a new hand on the groups and plying the beans!! Thanks

299 reviews · 471 followers · 6 years ago

early pass and the caffeine gods show me an empty cafe!!! GLEEEEEE, stopped in and ordered a soy piccolo $3.70 for a soy pic, OKAY then. average, over heated, the soy used has a heavy, cloying flavour and consistency that kills anything extracted from the beans. shoulda just had milk, with milk the coffee here is alot better

299 reviews · 471 followers · 6 years ago

quick pic on the way down the hill, secretly popping into the bottl-o behind. great little pic though, glad i stopped in, milk not to hot, still settling as it arrived on the table in front of me, love it.

299 reviews · 471 followers · 6 years ago

had to pick up some supplies for fancy platters, lots of fancy platter fillers here. decided i needed a quick pick up, so had a pic. textbook look to it still all settling and oozing creamy milk goodness, coffee was perfectly extracted, thats the mashizzer!!! see, some times the outlets that sell Dean Morgans beautiful handcrafted coffees just get it so right. thank you!!!

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