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14 Reviews

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162 reviews · 3 followers · 2 years ago

Another visit last week, one of the few places in Randwick you can pull up in your car during peak hour so it's very convenient. Soy latte drinkable and sufficient if you are in a hurry. Hot chocolate served at the right temperature - hot.

162 reviews · 3 followers · 2 years ago

Four years since the last review, really? Thursday morning in early spring and my curiosity got the better of me. Quiet and assuming, on the day of my reconnaissance, Burt Bacharach was playing softly on the radio. Duke's Lounge strikes me as a family business. The young but skilled Barista has honed his craft on Picasso Número Uni beans; my soy latte was flawless. Elvis then came on in mellow tones. This is a calming location where you can get your head sorted before the day. Also serving meals and light snacks (see pics of menu).

10 reviews · 7 years ago

I thought I'd try the Duke's Lounge today for my cafe. I've walked and driven past it numerous times but was hesitant all along. Not sure why because the minute I walked in I felt at ease immediately from the friendly welcome. The coffee bean of choice at Duke's is Número Uno Coffee but they also have single origin available when I feel like something more adventurous than my usual latte. Worth the visit.

4 reviews · 8 years ago

My girlfriend and I have been in love with Duke's since we accidentally came across the place last year. If you're working or studying at UNSW, take the time to try out a coffee (and breakfast) here at least once. Duke (and previously, Monique) really love their coffee and it shows. We buy our Numero Uno beans from here, with constant tips and advice from staff. My only real dilemma about going to Duke's for a quick coffee is that I'll always find a reason to stay for another fifteen minutes talking about coffee machines. I don't really check for latte art on a take away coffee, but I absolutely love their coffee and their breakfasts. I notice that with most cafes, it's a "one or the other" type of thing - either their coffee or breakfast will be good, but not both. Duke's bucks this trend with amazing, carefully made coffee and wonderful food (with BIG portion sizes) at good prices. You get the feeling that the lounge's only financial aim is to make enough money to remain open so that they can keep making great coffee and food. Duke is also big on alternate brewing method and the expansive lifestyle behind coffee. He travels to cafes everywhere and adds his considerable experience into every cup. Individually, it's not the coffee, the service or the atmosphere that sets Duke as my favourite cafe in the world. It's the way all three combine to make you feel like you're not just another latte they're selling - At Duke's, your coffee is meant for you. I would definitely recommend Duke's. Buy some beans while you're there and put a tip into Nate, the tip-jar dog.

8 reviews · 9 years ago

This has been my regular for some time now! Duke\'s provided my intro to Número Uno coffee. The coffee is always consistently good! Staff are friendly! They make a mean bacon and egg roll too! Great for Sunday mornings! The cafe has some real character too. Highly refreshing for the otherwise dull coffee culture in Randwick!

3 reviews · 10 years ago

A fabulous friendly place, serving great coffee, and the friendliest staff in the eastern suburbs. Coffee is consistently good, smooth and an obvious passion for the owner and barista, Duke. The breakfasts I have had here have been more than ample to keep me sustained for the day. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, a great place to catch up on the newspapers, escape the office and enjoy a second, or third, coffee!

4 reviews · 10 years ago

Superb Coffee, Exceptional service. Great team of friendly staff and excellent value for money. What more do you want from a passionate cafe? First impressions: This cafe is located on Avoca st. Randwick which during the weekday is a road less walked compared to Belmore rd. However Duke's Lounge holds it's own. It's inviting for all types of clientelle from young to old, what ever life style you follow. I say this because they have such a diverse design element to the atmosphere. There's a Motorcycle in the window. They have contemporary artwork on the wall. A beautiful chrome 'chandelier' in the middle of the ceiling compliments the high ceilings decorated with old fashion press tin patterns. Pictures of Ballroom dancing, wooden polished floors to accentuate that point. A Piano in the corner ...and ofcourse... the Big chrome Wega Coffee Machine to complete the picture. It's an honest cafe in terms of tables and chairs presentation. nothing over the top, just honest and straight forward. My Latte came out looking great. The correct measure of foam. Good colour. presented like a Latte (you'd hope so lol) first dig thru the coffee and the froth is well done and consistent throughout the cup. Aroma seems nice and sweet. As I made my way through half the cup I can honestly say it's one of the best coffee's I've experienced in Randwick. If you know your coffee, then you'll know it's a coffee well made. Being Full bodied, aromatic and the espresso shot extracted well. (Coffee by Numero Uno) it wasn't bitter or weak, it had a nice bite yet remaining very smooth and the temperature was exactly how I like it, So much that I ordered a second cup.... enough said. 10 out of 10. For Food I ordered myself a bacon and Egg roll. Not quite like the pictures on Beanhunter but nonetheless a great feed. (seems like they took away the extra egg and now only serve it with one egg. However they do have a deal of 'Bacon and Egg roll with regular coffee for $8' so I'm not complaining!) A quick look thru their menu and I'd be coming back for sure to try the other bfasts. Such as the Duke's French Toast with Maple syrup and Bacon. yummmm!!! The staff seems to know most of the customers that walk thru the door so I have no doubt in their customer service. well, for myself, who only ordered a Bacon and egg roll with 2 coffee's they sure treated me like fine dining! Table set, table cleared, Water poured for me and an honest ask for review in which I answered 'Brilliant - everything was brilliant' again guys... 10 out of 10 ! Give this a go everyone - I'm sure you won't be dissapointed! ...and Thanks Duke for a lovely experience! We needed a cultured and friendly coffee place in Randwick and you've ticked it all. I'll be back!

5 reviews · 10 years ago

The staff are friendly, you can't dispute that, they prolly make Dukes the most welcoming cafe in Randwick. Coffee was ok, but nothing to rave about. They need to take a leaf out of the Fresh Ground (on nearby Belmore rd) book, who also use Numero Uno coffee, but make a great cup of it. A sign on the window once did said they were open at nights but when we've gone passed, a couple of times now, they've been closed???

1 review · 10 years ago

Duke's is a bright and airy establishment and all the staff are friendly and so attentive. Ordered a massive plate of beautiful, creamy eggs benedict and washed it down with a hot, aromatic mocha latte and a sublime peppermint tea. Great service, great value (espeically those gigantic $6 bacon and egg rolls. WOW) and great food. I'll be back!!

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