Café Banksia

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1 Castlereagh Street, Sydney CBD, New South Wales


02 9221 4421

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4 reviews · 6 years ago

There has been a change at Café Banksia. A change for the better. I work on Hunter Street in the CBD and some of my caffeine addicted work colleagues mentioned that Café Banksia had stopped serving the "oh so common" Toby's Estate blend and started serving a new coffee by a smaller boutique roaster called Tinto. First off, this is a brave decision by the owners of Café Banksia. Changing coffees at a Café is a big step, but one that will no doubt increase business for Café Banksia. I had a large takeaway cap in one of those feel good biodegradable cups. My order was filled quickly and handed over with a polite smile. The milk was well frothed, creamy and just the right temperature. The flavour was smooth, with a lingering dark chocolate after taste....Yum.

2 reviews · 6 years ago

I went in the other day looking for a warm place to spend time while the rain stopped. I ordered a capuccino and I have to say, it was the best cup of coffee I had in a long time. I asked the girl at the counter what beans they were using, she said it was Tinto Coffee. It was fantastic. I go every chance I get. I highly recommend it!!

14 reviews · 6 years ago

I have been into this cafe a few times now. The staff are friendly and always greet me with a smile. A good selection of food is available with delicious daily specials. Seating is inside and out with plenty of room to sprawl out during business discussions and meetings. I enjoyed an exceptionally sweet, smooth espresso prepared by a competent barista. The crema of my espresso was thick and creamy and the temperature was perfect. In fact, I would go as far as saying that the espresso I "devoured" at Cafe Banksia rates as one of the best in Sydney! Cafe Banksia = Highly Recommended

55 reviews · 13 followers · 7 years ago

I honestly can't remember how many owners/names this cafe, prominently located on the corner of Castlereagh and Hunter St, has had over the years. The number would be roughly the same as the count of terrible coffees I've had at this location. But things have changed for the better, it seems. Now operating under the marque of 'Banksia Cafe' - and proudly boasting Toby's Estate beans - it's a good choice in this part of the Sydney CBD. It's an order at the counter, take a number, and grab a seat arrangement. That counter 'service' would benefit from an overhaul. I got little more than a grunt and "$8.50 thanks" when I ordered my strong flat white and choc-raspberry muffin. Seriously, mate, it wasn't me who shot your dog and burned down your house - so spare me the grief. Sheesh! Coffee arrived very quickly...with a smile (OMG!). The distinctive aroma of a Toby's Estate blend wafted up towards me. The coffee had been prepared with a reasonable level of care, with well-textured milk poured through a rich, burnt-caramel coloured crema. Served at textbook-perfect temperature, it was smooth and very easy to down. Heaps of room to spread out here, with tables both inside and out. Only complaint regarding seating is that the chairs at the large (8-seat) wooden table seem to be hopelessly too short for the height of the table. If you want chillax with your coffee, there's also bar-style seating and two large leather lounges. The muffin was superb, by the way :-) I'd give this place a try if you're in the area.

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