Vivace Espresso Bar at Brix

Open until 11pm

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532 Broadway Ave E, Seattle, Washington



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6:00AM - 11:00PM
6:00AM - 11:00PM
6:00AM - 11:00PM
6:00AM - 11:00PM
6:00AM - 11:00PM
6:00AM - 11:00PM
6:00AM - 11:00PM
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Photo of cafe Vivace Espresso Bar at Brix taken by Sezjade
Photo of cafe Vivace Espresso Bar at Brix taken by Sezjade
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13 Reviews

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3 reviews · 4 years ago

Great Coffee, one of my go to places on Broadway Ave in Capitol Hill. My favorite drink is the Cafe Nico, they are very particular about technique and the final product. A mast go definitely!

35 reviews · 5 years ago

Crap. Don't fall for the hype. I can name 10 better cafes within 10 minutes, and one of them is Starbucks Reserve.

4 reviews · 6 years ago

I'm very particular about my coffee. In fact, I hope I don't offend any Seattlelites here but the coffee in Seattle isn't that great and doesn't live up to the hype. However... Vivace has great coffee. Great flavor and great baristas who care about each cup they poor. If it wasn't so difficult for me to get to this place id frequent this place on a daily.

202 reviews · 303 followers · 9 years ago

I agree with Epic76 about the perfect 10 (and the wifi still doesn't work!) It's a nice enough place, and the staff are very friendly - I liked the offer of a sparkling water with my doppio. The clientele are as interesting as the neighbourhood, which is a positive, but there's now a lot of independent coffee competition in the neighbourhood. There's a big 'but', which is the 'length' of my coffee. I could see from the menu that they favoured ristrettos so I thought at least a doppio would give me something to drink. There could not have been more than 25ml of coffee in my cup, and possibly only 20ml. So what would an actual ristretto have been - 10ml?!? At that point, why not serve it in a pipette, and be done with it? To me the whole ristretto thing has a perverse machismo about it. When a coffee is that short there isn't even enough liquid to deliver the flavour, and there is no way it can hold any reasonable temperature even on the short trip to the table. FWIW the flavour seemed interesting, but I'd need a longer extraction, and greater volume to say more. So they definitely lost points there with me. My companion's latte was apparently better!

13 reviews · 9 years ago

Our second place in our USA trip after Hawaii. I look up this place through coffee bean app. This place just did not disappoint :) My fiancee had a latte and said it was by far the best coffee he had ever had (big call from being from Melbourne). I loved my soy latte, but the soy in America is really sweet which takes way from the brilliance of the coffee, so that is not of this places fault, Great little pieces of food and the vibe is fantastic, and loved it's layout. It could easily fit into Melbourne's cafe scene. Highly recommended as a must stop off in Seattle :)

5 reviews · 9 years ago

First Stop on my Seattle Coffee Tour ! Great people and great coffee place has some serious equipment and care was taken on delivery of espresso and latte. would recommend this place for any tourist heading to Seattle !

11 reviews · 1 follower · 9 years ago

This place is quite good, the coffee was super smooth and had a great taste, we had a couple after walking almost 40 mins to get there, relaxing in the atmosphere here with it's large open window to its music, it's quite calming.. In a quieter area of town, the baristas always had a smile and did not make the coffee to hot, the blend they were using was nice and sweet, nothing too bitter. Not my favorite coffee shop of the USA, but very much a huge positive on the Seattle coffee culture.

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