Sant Eustachio Il Caffe

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Piazza Sant\'Eustachio 82, Rome, Lazio

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1 review · 3 years ago

Shockingly expensive for mediocre espresso. Double espresso, "Grand Cappuccino", and a small bottle of water €14.50. I got the impression they're really in the milky, chocolaty coffee drink business more than being focused on excellent coffee.

19 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

Mentionned in every travel guide, but don't go there. It's just a tourist trap where you are fooled. What happens behind that screen? Do they add eggwhite or bakepowder? We'll never know

9 reviews · 4 years ago

Dreadful place, a total joke. They hide the coffee preparation behind a barrier so you can't observe their "secret" recipe. None of the baristas are Italians and all look exhausted. The worst thing is how proud the Romans are of their once great coffee tradition. Avoid!

19 reviews · 1 follower · 5 years ago

In one word, A.V.O.I.D!!! Besides unbelievable high prices for those who want to sit, unfriendly service, this isn't real coffee. Something they do is too fast, to thick in the foam, and in the end tastes bad. It is funny how many tourists flock inside and admire the coffee like it's made of gold... If you want good coffee go anywhere else

2 reviews · 5 years ago

Very disappointing. Every Roman will sing the praises of Sant'Eustachio but chances are they haven't been back to this place for 10 years. Coffee has come a long way since 2005. Yes, their blend is 100% arabica. But take it without sugar (which you must explicitly ask for...always a worrying sign) and what you get is a flat taste profile and thin aroma. This coffee doesn't come close to anything produced in the specialty coffee world. To top it off, the baristas are generally unfriendly and the prices very high. Despite the coffee paraphernalia and impression you're sipping coffee alongside Italian senators, it's a tourist trap. Try Taza D'Oro round the corner in front of the Pantheon. Not incredible either but a much better champion of the Italian espresso culture.

18 reviews · 6 followers · 6 years ago

Couldn't beleive it, these guys are cheats. Went in and ordered 2 espressos from the guy at the till. Took the docket over to the guy hiding behind the ridiculously tall Astoria machine with stainless steel panels covering the sides so that there is no possible way of seeing what he is doing. He took the tickets and within 10 seconds there were 2 espressos on the bench which he was stirring. there was no sound of a grinder, machine running, knock box being used, nothing for the whole 15 minutes we were there. The coffee itself had an unusual crema, so thick and gluggy. The taste was so sweet and un natural. It was appalling. Sad thing is that any clueless coffee drinker would be easily fooled by this.

1 review · 7 years ago

Decent coffee. Give the shakerato a try. We saw a local have it and asked what it was. Table service doubles the price of the coffee so stand and drink!

49 reviews · 7 years ago

The beauty of coffee in Rome is the way the Italians go about it with minimal fuss. Amazing coffee, without the fanfare of 5 blends, signature drinks or any other of the gimmicks. Having said that this place was a little more touristy than most, the prices a little higher than usual, and very busy - being almost directly opposite the pantheon. While the coffee wasn't the best I have had in Roma, it's certainly up there, and well the atmosphere is something cafes outside of Roma can only dream of.

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