La Casa Del Caffe 'Tazza D'Oro

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Via degli Orfani, 84, , Lazio


+39 066 789792

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78 reviews2 years ago

Great stand up coffee bar, nice macchiatos and real milk! Few pastries and things available too. Nice service too, nice coffee.

5 reviews3 years ago

Quick Italian coffee house. for someone after a speedy espresso it ticks the box. for someone after some actual well made coffee, not such a pleasant experience. the espresso tends to be exceptionally hot, with a resultant acrid note evident. the baristas have no idea how to texture milk, or if they do they put no effort into it. there's no customer service per se. just baristas that take your ticket, eventually, and, eventually, slam a coffee down on your plate. there's lots of sugar on the bar for a reason - you'll need it!

16 reviews3 years ago

After a week in Crete it was so nice to get back to the good coffee in Italy. This place is much better than you would expect in a touristic area. I drive my girlfriend nuts with my fussy coffee choices but I would definitely go back to here 馃憤

122 reviews3 followers4 years ago

After many cups filled only with disappointment in Rome I'll go against the trend and say my coffee here was pretty good. At just of 1 euro, good value as long as you don't mind standing at the counter in the Italian way. Definitely one of the better ones I've had in inner Rome.

7 reviews5 years ago

Coffee was only ok. Weird ordering as per a lot of places in Italy. Service was typical for the tourist area of Pantheon. I walked past it about 10 times and didn't go back in for another so I guess that's tells you all you need to know.

19 reviews1 follower5 years ago

Although a classical spot and an historical must, and an entrance through the pantheon, it is not, I repeat not a specialty coffee. It is a place to visit, to honor one of coffees most dominant statues and an historical sight for coffee aswell, in the 80's and 90's and early 2000 ( besides the hundreds of years before. Hey, wake up please, the coffee is not that good (better that many places in Italy), but not perfect, froth was with bubbles and taste for cappuccino and blue mountain espresso were good at most and far from professional, service was for tourists, and the place packed with loads of tourists, making the visit unbearable. You want good coffee?you can get it but don't expect specialty professional coffee, and this is said despite my admiration to this historical sight.

18 reviews6 followers7 years ago

Best coffee in rome? It was definitely my best coffee in ROME. No one in rome or Italy for that fact cleans their equipment so the coffee always tastes tainted, metallic and harsh. Even the Jamaican blue mountain (had to try it) espresso was poor, the only good thing about it was that it wasn't as harsh as the other espressos I've had.

42 reviews4 followers8 years ago

Good coffee and classic interior. Double espresse was quite good and taste was as it should be. Despite the fact that this cafe is located near the pantheon the cafe had just a few customers hanging at the bar or sitting on the few seats inside. When ordering first get your ticket at the cashier in the back. Prices were great: 鈧2,90 for a double espresso and a cafe latte.

24 reviews2 followers9 years ago

I love this cafe. A wonderful thing about it is that it so efficient - no queues, and waiting around until your coffee order gets to the top of the queue. Best of all there is no silly latte art ( ). The interior seems to be unchanged from it's installation in 1946. Coffee is great to drink, and despite what other reviewers say, is very busy with tourists. It is 30 seconds from the Pantheon, so tourists are everywhere. It's also at the very top of Trip Advisor food/restaurant reviews, so have many tourists visit - and like me, take tonnes of photos! The best thing of all however is the price! 70 euro cents for an espresso - that's like NZD$1.30! I never again want to hear NZ coffee retailers justifying their never ending price increases - if a cafe right in the centre of a high-cost city (Rome) can have $1.30 espresso so can NZ. A real highlight whenever visiting Rome.

59 reviews8 followers9 years ago

I'd been informed that this was the best coffee in Rome but that there isn't a whole lot to choose from, and so far this assessment (made by a few baristas in the independent caf茅s in the UK) seems pretty accurate. To me this shows how far the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand have come in the coffee-making business - not to mention service. The place is sort of charming but quite dirty-looking (not aided by paper towel left on the floor by the baristas to soak up spilt coffee) and there's hardly any seating - what is available is on hard benches and usually one is getting brushed past by take-away or stand-at-bar customers all the time. The coffee itself is okay - certainly better than a lot of other stuff around here. Occasionally slightly gritty and not particularly good froth on the caffe latte; certainly no latte art. Service is a different experience: one has to purchase one's drink at a cash register at one end of the shop and then stand at the counter and use one's receipt to redeem it for a coffee. But the signage saying this at the counters is small and in Italian, so frequently people line up for ages only to be sent to the counter to start again. Service is peremptory and of course queueing is unheard of.

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