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191/471 Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia



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70 Reviews

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7 reviews · 3 years ago

I have always had an amazing experience at Bench. The coffee is consistently phenomenal. Ling Shen takes great pride in making sure the coffees that he makes are of the highest quality or he throws it out and starts again. I notice things that he does that a very very many other cafes don't do like... ...weigh the coffee so that there's a consistent amount of coffee being brewed that prevents over or under brewing which leads to bitterness or sourness respectively... ...time the brewing process with a timer to each station to a tight 3 seconds (FYI most good coffee places use about 7s and many other places don't time their brews at all) so that the coffee remains in that perfect sweet spot... ...he gets in at least 45 mins every day to taste the coffee every morning and make small tweaks to make sure that the coffee blend is fully optimized up to his expectations... He uses ACTUAL Belgium Chocolate to make his Mochas and Hot Chocolates. Now I've not known any other place that uses REAL Belgium Chocolate. I was so surprised when I first tasted my first Mocha here expecting it to be the regular unexciting Mocha experience to find that rich REAL high quality chocolatey taste inside. This place is DEFINITELY one of Perth's Best. I was very surprised to read some of the other reviews. As far as I've been coming here, I've never noticed any of the things that they have mentioned... maybe they were run differently back then? Highly Recommended for even the pickiest of coffee snobs.

46 reviews · 4 followers · 4 years ago

I think I'm fairly safe to say, these are not the original owners. The interior fit out indicates it was formally a quality cafe, but now it's just a slightly more glamorous junk store. Coffee was weak and managed an acidic aftertaste... Not worth the Perth tax.

36 reviews · 1 follower · 5 years ago

I've had a few coffees from here now and have to say I'm unimpressed and disappointed... Sometimes a bit burnt tasting. And $5 for a small soy cappuccino! Much better coffees from other cafes in the area

3 reviews · 5 years ago

Very disappointing for the 5th ranked coffee in Perth. Good vibey atmosphere and service, but as far as coffee goes, well most instant coffees would beat it. Weak, insipid and devoid of any flavour. I went back the next day to confirm and and even added an extra shot, sadly it was confirmed.

4 reviews · 5 years ago

My absolute top pick in Perth. The coffee here is the best I've had in Perth. Their Long Maccs are full flavoured and very strong. As I work in RPH nearby, the daily detour for my caffeine fix is well worth the trouble. I only wish they do weekends as well. And the staff working here are 5 stars as well.

3 reviews · 5 years ago

Friendly service, but only came here to check out the highly rated coffee. Disappointed. Watery and no flavour. Great coffee machine though, so once they've mastered it they can only get better...

31 reviews · 6 followers · 5 years ago

bench solicits its atmosphere to the contemporary espresso drinker; reductive design and untreated concrete gratify my privileged middle-class aesthetic prejudices. the coffee is inconsistent but never poor. their single origins share astringent, sharp personalities that never fail to yield a pleasant afterglow. the resulting momentum scored me a fine for walking through a red light, the coffee is indeed ~that~ effective.

4 reviews · 5 years ago

It's a nice place, very nice Ecuadorian coffee but is not my favourite. I think you'll find better coffee shops in Perth. I really needed wifi to work on my laptop and they don't have it. 👎🏽👎🏽

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