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#1 in Nowra - Bomaderry Top Cafe 2016

Not much to say about the cafe as its more a hole in the wall with some milk crates outside. Based in our home town of Nowra on the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales. We roast in house an authentic traditional Italian espresso in the same way it was when created in Florence in the late 1950's, or at the zenith of espresso cafe culture. Our motley crew craft the shots using 1960's Faema lever machines with our own customised heads.. For us, Espresso is the sweet caramelisation of the organic essential oils inherent in a Fairtrade bean to a point in the roasting process perilously close to destruction. Everything else is coffee... Hope it works for you.


85 North Street, Nowra, New South Wales




6:30AM - 2:00PM
6:30AM - 2:00PM
6:30AM - 3:00PM
6:30AM - 3:00PM
6:30AM - 3:00PM
7:00AM - 2:00PM
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268 Reviews

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2 reviews · a year ago

Always a 10, a little bit bias having been an ex employee but nothing compares , won’t buy a coffee anywhere else if I’m not around town I make a stovetop at home with my hyper beans.

10 reviews · a year ago

Disappointed really. Love affair here is terminal. Their success is their downfall really. Well to me at least. Quality suffering. Very ordinary FW today after waiting in a 10min queue. The robusta too is imparting a note I’m starting to struggle with.

Hyper Hyper Coffee's Avatar'

Hyper Hyper Coffee

a year ago

I am truly sorry about that, it sounds a fair review. Are you still in the area, I'd love to meet up to chase the problem down, I hate getting a coffee that is below standard myself and I have every reason to get my coffee right every time no matter how busy we might be. Robusta can be tricky but your experience of the product as a whole sounded below par.. I'd love to catch up and go through the process. Best Regards, Pip

38 reviews · a year ago

Have to agree with MCMs review before mine. After seeing its #1 rating and the line up waiting to order, I was getting excited. Unfortunately the Cap was weak and a little watery. Barista forgot a sugar and service was a bit production line. Found the kingHorne bakery on the way out who has cracking meat pies !!

24 reviews · 2 years ago

Coffee was disappointing, reasonable texture but totally missed the mark of a great coffee. Sitting in the sun on a rock or milk crate doesn't really appeal. No food except the odd biscuit.

18 reviews · 2 years ago

Its been a while since last I bothered to drag myself up to Nowra imagine my surpriseat having to work there for three weeks.Still not all bad news, I allow myself to be dragged in by the aroma and music every morning, thankdfully the mad professor is away and the minions are coping just fine without him, to be honest I wish hed holiday more often and let the coffee speak for itself, its not that I dont like discussing agitpop from the 70s/80s its just that sometimes I need coffee not a flux of pink indians.Hyper Hyper ,just the ticket, smooth beyond words.

10 reviews · 2 years ago

This morning’s coffee is bang on. Just what I want - rich, full bodied, punchy and with a beautiful coffee flavour that lingers with clagging up the mouth. Jaden did a fantastic job

4 reviews · 2 years ago

This is the place for a coffee! The beans are dark and dirty! Great crema, efficient service and I always buy beans to bring back home. I always get a barista shot and have not been disappointed at HH. This is hands down, the best coffee I've ever had. I'd be gutted if they ever stopped roasting.

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