Ground Support

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399 West Broadway, New York, New York

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34 reviews · 2 years ago

Don’t know what a piccolo is. But the coffee is OK if you can have something that’s more commonly done. Nice place, nice vibes and not too crowded. Good music.

23 reviews · 7 years ago

Maybe my view is a bit biased because of all the other bad coffee I have had in NYC so far, but I found my latte with extra shot to be the closest approximation so far of the strong flat white I usually drink in Australia. It was the best I've had so far in NYC. But, it came at a cost, and the sizes are typical American giant size. And the arrogance and attitude is almost unbearable. Not a single smile to be found behind the counter, and you are almost shamed for not ordering e a fly as they are expecting it. Nice space with appropriately subdued music in the background.

163 reviews · 108 followers · 7 years ago

Just because one uses Intelligentsia beans and a La Marzocco Linea does not necessarily mean the result is great coffee. The milk was a bit of an afterthought and was not that important. The coffee was too hot and the beans thus over extracted. This is a coffee shop and not much more. But it is central and easy to get to. For a caffeine boost, that is ok. For great taste, there are many better

3 reviews · 7 years ago

I tend to agree with the others on the poorly made coffee. Had Intelligensia a so expected much better. "Why Not " on Christopher was a much better coffee. note to Australians: it's not common practice to put chocolate on coffee in the USA. if you ask you will be looked at like you are an alien and no one will have it to put on so if you are looked at like an alien , shrug it off and enjoy the coffee.

6 reviews · 3 followers · 8 years ago

The service at the counter was friendly and I felt optimistic for the coffee coming . Then I was called to collect my order from lord barrista & asked if he had some chocolate powder to sprinkle atop my girlfriends cappuccino he replied to me with an obnoxious "what???" And looked at me like I was an alien from another planet. I explained that it is common practice where I come from but he continued to look at me and shake his head like I was a complete moron. The cappuccino froth was full of large air bubbles so it collapsed by the time I got to the table. The espresso was extremely bitter and sour with lingering overtones of battery acid. I'll keep on walking next time I'm in the area.

2 reviews · 9 years ago

Good enough coffee, some baristas better than others. But please, for the love of God, It's a shame the band didn't work out, but learn to smile.

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