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94 Langtree Ave, Mildura, Victoria

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31 reviews · 5 years ago

Very disappointing experience. Tried to order a piccolo and had to rephrase, asked for a half latte, received what I assume was a half strength large latte (very average and boiling hot).. Didn't receive a welcome to the cafe, or any real acknowledgement that I had entered the shop. Felt as if I was shoved out of the cafe after receiving my takeaway (although made quickly). The ambience here is nothing to write home about, lots of bodies and tables make the shop seem cramped and the big tv in the middle of the shop seems out of place. Really unsure what they're going for here.

101 reviews · 3 followers · 7 years ago

Cafe Ninety4, has a stunning decor of predominately black and white with stone feature walls of charcoal and sandstone and terracotta floors. There are two separate counter areas, one for coffee and cake; this glass cabinet is full of mouthwatering varieties of cakes, slices and cookies. At the rear is another counter with two cabinets, one offering, a range of salad items so you can choose-your-own fillings, for rolls, wraps or sandwiches, and any salad mix. Beside this, a fabulous array of hot mornays, pastas, lasagnes, pasties, vol-au-vents, etc. We enjoyed a fresh made Vol-au-vent, very appetising, plus a wholesome freshly baked carrot cake, The coffee was up there with the best, could not be faulted. the service was friendly and helpful, making for a very enjoyable visit.

101 reviews · 3 followers · 8 years ago

Cafe Ninety4, situated on Langtree Ave, is a must visit if you are enjoy a very well made coffee, On my visit last year I wrote "What a great find, best cafe coffee in Mildura" The visit this morning only confirms this. The difference being in the people I meet enjoying a coffee One person was an award winning coffee roaster, the seond was a person who comes to Mildura to vist the Country Music Festival every year, both return making this cafe their place of choice. The cafe is has been thoughtfully decorated and colour coordinated, and is very comfortable. On the counter in the pride of place sits a SYNCHRO coffee machine, the coffee is Cafe ninety4's own unique blend, along at the other end a cabinet with a range delightful cakes, yummy. This was a great call and I enjoyed the cake, coffee, conversation, and ambience. Our choice when ever in Mildura. On the wall behind the counter reads "Coffee is the key to life"

1 review · 8 years ago

I was hoping to save myself some typing, but my tripadvisor review hasn't yet come through, so here's the abridged version. To put it simply, I joined this site purely to correct the obviously false (or completely malinformed) reviews lingering about this place. (I just happened to be on TA looking for accommodation before getting to this) This site in particular is a site for coffee snobs; coffee worth travelling for. The only travelling worth doing for this place is in the opposite direction, as fast as you can manage. It is not a gourmet cafe. It is not even an average suburban cafe (Melbourne-equivalent). It is barely a shopping centre cafe. It's just awful. Specifics: * ambiance: there isn't any. It's got that gross try-hardy airport feel about it with a completely inappropriate TV shoved in there. This is more typical for Mildura though, where they seem to like 'faux' * coffee: undrinkable. * food breakfast: 90's era hotel drivel. lunch: boring, poorly executed, stodgy misbalanced unrefined fare snacks/sweets: commercial mass-produced crap (or someone who cooks the same way) * service: well, if you count ordering at the counter 'service', then it's OK I guess. If I have to come here (some locals insist), I eat a pie at Banjo's before I get there and avoid the coffee. Not that anything else is better, it's just at least other things don't offend my sense of what the word means. If you're doubting the independence of this review, I suggest you read the language of the reviews of this place more carefully. Notice the similarities and the hyperbole. They can only have been written by the completely misguided or, more likely, friends of or the actual owner themselves. My coffee 'pedigree' as it were is through visiting over 60% of the recent melbourne coffee review places mentioned by The Age & espousing a half a dozen of the best in St Ali, Seven seeds, Duchess of Spotswood, Axil, Auction Rooms, Proud Mary let alone the next dozen that are almost as good and a further 50 that are 'great' (the latter of which have all popped up courtesy of alumni of the mainstays!). I'll come back and review those later, but mostly my reviews would be finesing - of the ins and outs of each places, rather than correcting a false impression. This place, however, needs fixing. To suggest this place is anywhere near that top 100 is a complete falsehood. Even for Mildura there's far better coffee at Stefano's (the one on Deakin behind and to the back of The Grand), which also has lovely (most of the time) food and atmosphere. That said, Mildura isn't cafe central and most of the places are just as crap as this, so they may be able to lay claim to being a top 5 Mildura cafe. Just be warned - if you're from anywhere else in the country except far north queensland, it's going to disappoint. [I've filled in the 'what did I drink?' section based on what people at my table had, which I was able to inspect. I had the doppio and a DSL. Urrrgh.

1 review · 9 years ago

It's ten to seven and I'm about to head out for the usual at this great cafe. We are now locals here, but having lived in Melbourne and sampled the best (and worst) of Victoria's cafes, I can say this one rates among the best. 94 is owned and run as a family business, and there is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere about the place. It's a relief to find a cafe where people are passionate about making good coffee, not just about making money! Overall, a fantastic place to find very good coffee.

1 review · 9 years ago

Ok im a foodie from Melbourne town passing through to NSW and came across this little place with lots of Plasmas playing music videos and got this not bad coffee with horrible service from this older man,luckily the coffee was just ok nothing special from what i had and what i was looking at they think they were running the busiest place in Victoria they way they were carrying on,staff running around everywhere! And not so sure if it was a kindergarden with all the kids and their staff around each.Each to their own but its a business people.WAKE UP!!!! Now for the food,all i could see was this bain marie food and thought what interesting things they might have instead of the same ol thing for lunch other than a sandwich so i got this huge rice ball thingy.BIG,BLAND,OVER COOKED should've stuck with the sandwich,not a very good experience and luckily for me i won't be coming back to this very average place. Cant wait till i get to Sydney to a real cafe!!!!

37 reviews · 9 years ago

A great find. Excellent coffee - smooth, rich and perfect temperature. Prepared with skill and care. The decor suggests owners / baristas worship coffee (a wall feature says 'coffee is my life'). Very popular with locals - non stop stream of locals collecting t/a coffee. Indoor and outdoor setting. Limited breakfast menu on weekdays but staff were very happy to accommodate my needs. Wish I could have stayed to try the gorgeous range of cakes on display. Only in Mildura for two days so will definitely be back tomorrow.

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