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83 reviews · a year ago

Not just a classic but an Australian institution. When in MEL experience Pellegrini’s for its totality

10 reviews · 3 years ago

Look, this place is a staple of Melbourne. Place has been run for over 4 Decades. You don't go here for the coffee or food, this place is for the locals. The old Italian boys & mummas running this place could give you the stink eye if you go in with dumb pants and hat. This place is for them and their loved ones at this point. If you sit down and don't look at your phone and give one of them a nice chat, than ask for a coffee they'll put you in for a treat. My own mother went here 30 years ago when she was studying.

13 reviews · 4 years ago

Life affirming espresso. Pelligrini's full of life this wintery lunchtime; top service and care by staff. First time back in more than a year; I'll be back again.

10 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

Latte I ordered was 1/3 bubbly foam sitting on top of a watery burnt espresso. Milk was scolded and bitter. Coffee was piping hot but with no flavour. Almost had the urge to warn customers as they entered the establishment to save their money for elsewhere. Surprises me that in a city with some really fantastic coffee shops that this place is still going. Steam wand was filthy and milk seemed caked on; not purged between any of the coffees I saw him make while I was there. It seems to be an obvious lack of care from the staff because all these issues could be fixed with a minimum amount of effort. I'm not trying to be mean with this review, it might seem that way but I'm only pointing out the reality of this cafe. Save your money.

35 reviews · 5 years ago

My partner wanted a coffee after the regular 3-4PM closing of most CBD cafes. She wanted to go here because it had an 'old style' look that interested her (I agree), it always seemed busy, and I think the old guys making coffee was charming to her. Vittoria coffee? I don't take milk, but I do when I see Vittoria. I ordered a cappuccino and a cortado. 'What's that?' the young, unimpressed-looking guy behind the counter asks. I explain, and get my reply: 'We don't do that.' No apology, no explanation of menu policy, and no attempt to even ask the barista if it's feasible. I don't know what relations are like back in the old country, but maybe it's faux pas to ask for a cortado at an Italian cafe? I get a short macchiato instead, which needs sugar to be considered even remotely palatable, and my partner's cappuccino is topped in a thick, bubbly foam; she needs sugar, too. While we're drinking, I overhear an older staff happily trying to understand and make the order of an elderly lady: a 1/4 latte. The older guys there seemed friendly in their way, but I dealt with the sourpuss and got a poor coffee; that's what my rating is based on.

7 reviews · 6 years ago

Melbourne institute for coffee that stands the test of time that continues to produce the best coffee. A visit to Melbourne isnt complete without visiting Pellegrini's.

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