Bar Americano

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Presgrave Pl, Melbourne CBD, Victoria

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Photo of cafe Bar Americano taken by Jenish.Joseph.T
Photo of cafe Bar Americano taken by Jenish.Joseph.T
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2 reviews · 9 years ago

I've found my new home. Reminds me of little tucked away places in Italy. Espresso was the best I've had in a long time. Love the collection of Italian espresso cups ( each coffee is served in unique cups which is a cute touch). Barista was super keen, maybe too much so at times but you can't knock his passion nor his product. The place looks amazing, dark wood, copper and tiles. A gem of a find.

3 reviews · 9 years ago

Stumbled across this place today, the bar itself is fantastic. Unfortunately the barista wasn't working when I arrived, so one of the bar tenders served me. Good job, at least he was honest saying that the coffee wouldn't be as good, however was still pleased enough to order a second. Strong flavour which is what I like. Will definitely come again

3 reviews · 9 years ago

well i thought of this bar while it was still pushka, and what a little gem it is. thank goodness i like cocktails cos at least the bartender knows what he's talking about. i got there a little late in the arvo but the (so called) barista who quickly told me his background, ?(which in the end didn't help me) told me something about the acidity of 'HIS' made short mach, didn't need the sugar that i wanted which i have in any coffee, which i would of been happy to listen too if it wasn't such a drama ended up being not that crash hot.. if the guy just did his job and not end up in all this shit hype it might have ended a half decent experience but it's not the only time as i had already heard a story of this kind of story telling from this place which i thought i would check myself but evidently true... no rush to head there unless for a cocktail.

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