Coffee Assembly

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Cockloft No.6 Elgin St., Hong Kong,


2858 8153

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163 reviews · 108 followers · 8 years ago

Coffee Assembly a retail coffee store on Elgin Street is part of a roasting and retail coffee group of stores. Felix Wong is one of the key pillars of this group. Cafe Corridor at Causeway Bay is one of the stores as is Caffee Essenza. The expresso blend is the same blend that they use at Cafe Corridor. But the extraction does come off differently because Lily is just a bit more precise and more exacting. "Please do not speak to me when I am doing your coffee" That is not to mean that she is unfriendly, she is just focused. The place is not impossible to find, but the sign for the second floor space is small and does take some deliberate hunting to locate. Once inside, the space is small but comfortable. Lily is the only barista there on Sunday when I went. So it took a while to get our 5 espresso based drinks. She doses more precisely, tamps more deliberately and finishes the extraction with more than decent latte art. All in all, I had a decent cup of coffee there. I think the beans and their consistency are the limiting factor for now thus my 7 for coffee. If the service were faster, I would have given the place an 8 instead of a 7 for service. The atmosphere while nice and casual was a bit disheveled feeling, hence my 7. There are so many coffee shops within 1/4 mile of Coffee Assembly. Hazel and Hershey is closest. Lof10, Deadend Cafe, Antipodean, Cupping Room, & Coco Espresso are just some of the few within 10 mins walking distance. I believe that they need to up their game in each category in order to stay ahead of the onslaught of competition and of the higher rents that landlords extract. They have a good following, it needs to get bigger and more loyal.

202 reviews · 303 followers · 9 years ago

Well, if there was an award for kindest barista in Hong Kong, Lily would win it easily. I came in the other day feeling sad and exhausted, and she looked after me so thoughtfully, feeding me chocolate brownie, and Taiwanese sweets, as I drank coffee and tried to work. It reminds me of the mythical Hollywood bartender, who listens to all your troubles, knows just what you need to be drinking at that moment, and makes the world a better place for all the waifs and strays that come through the door.

6 reviews · 9 years ago

Great little hole in the wall café. A little awkward to find at first as it is tucked up on the first floor and the door is normally closed. House blend is a light roast, but a great selection of beans are available to chose from. Service is a bit slow but quality is excellent.

1 review · 9 years ago

This is my all time favorite cafe in HK. Every year when I back for holiday, its a must to visit here! The lady here is so nice to talk to. And you can feel her passion of making coffee. Here is HK, any good shop must be busy during weekend. So its better to visit here at off-peak hours with less customers and more comfortable environment.

4 reviews · 9 years ago

Another tucked away cafe in Central that drew my attention from beanhunter. Having read the menu of beans for sale I was convinced it's not quite the farm level coffees I was looking for, thus I ordered a latte. Milk was frothed to a temperature on the high end of my tolerance. Though there was a lovely Rosetta on top I was more concerned with the resultant sweetness reduction. This became significant when I tasted burnt aftertaste despite milk. This is probably intrinsic to the espresso blend which I didn't get the chance to explore further. All in all this is a decent little cafe to kill a few hours in this busy city, but I won't rate it as high from a professionals point of view.

6 reviews · 9 years ago

What a cracking little place. It's a nightmare to find and has slightly odd opening hours (1pm? Really? This, surely, is sadism) but all was forgiven on the first sip. It's a tiny little place, not much more than a room, really, up the stairs off Elgin St. I arrived when quite a few orders were in the queue ahead of me, so it was a bit of a wait. The big lounge chairs were comfortable, the mismatched bits and bobs decorating the place amusing. It's a terrific little haven away from the hustle going on outside on Hollywood Rd. After my earlier dalliances with the hipster bore at Knockbox, it was nice to be treated like an adult again. There was even sugar on the table and nobody tutted when I put some in.

202 reviews · 303 followers · 10 years ago

Just have to add to my previous review. Went in a few days later to buy some beans for home and the barista remembered not only my coffee order, but even part of our conversation. Now that's service!

202 reviews · 303 followers · 10 years ago

Well, this is my new favourite in Hong Kong. Don't be put off by the difficulty of finding it, if you're not a local. Look for the sign on the side of the building, walk up a short flight of stairs and then head bravely through the mysterious door on your left. Behold, coffee paradise! The moment I walked in, I let out a sigh of contentment - this is what a cafe should be like. Though small, instead of squeezing too many table in, they focussed mainly on long couches and a communal table, with a couple of separate tables near the windows. They have an impressive range of coffees, and they seem to rotate which blend or single bean they're serving on any given day, so check the board. My double-espresso was beautifully made, with extra points given because of the quirky cup and saucer it came in - a nice touch. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable and overall the cafe had a sense of peacefulness, despite being in busy Elgin St. Just go!

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