The Roastery- Peddling Beans.

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232 Banna Av, Griffith, New South Wales



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7 reviews · 3 years ago

That's a great shame Richard. Best wishes for the next stage for you and your son - you have created something successful once - you can do it again. Phillip from Noosa

1 review · 3 years ago

Unfortunately we have been forced to close because the Landlord required us to relinquish the property. We are exploring alternatives and expect to be back in business in the not too distant future.

3 reviews · 3 years ago

Seems to be closing permanently. :( Was shut with lots of well wishes and goodbyes written on the window. Ratings based on the glowing reports on the window.

7 reviews · 3 years ago

Probably one of the best coffee breakfast combinations that we have had in regional Australia. Would work as well in any city. The breakfast had as standard organic eggs - a major plus. The espresso was full flavoured and great aftertaste. Instagram #espressotraveller

37 reviews · 3 years ago

I have been trying their coffee for over 14 months and thought it time to write a review. Their coffee beans are on point. It is strong, punchy and full of rich memorable flavours. There are notes of fruit and chocolate that leave a pleasant mild aftertaste. I purchase many a bean for a quality home brew. Their only issue is consistency. And this is a big one for coffee shops. Depending on who makes it greatly affects their final product. Sometimes it ranges from over extracted burnt tasting coffee with a sour bitter aftertaste to the opposite with the flavours dancing on your tongue. There are also a range of sloppy Barista skills. I've seen different milks (including soy) mixed together to save getting more out of the fridge. Not packing the portafilter baskets and or not filling them properly with enough coffee. Their high turn over of staff is also an issue. You get used to a quality Barista with some skill and the next week they are gone. This all unfortunately kills it for me. Their team are always friendly and happy. Nothing wrong with their service. It's unfortunate. They have a very high quality product but they just have difficulty in executing a quality final product. Still when it's good it's very good. On par with some of the best coffee houses I've been too and still the better place in Griffith to go. Just cross your fingers for a good day. The atmosphere is good along with their food. However, this is not a food review site.

The Roastery- Peddling Beans.'s Avatar'

The Roastery- Peddling Beans.

3 years ago

Hello, We are very glad that you enjoy our coffees. We do have to correct some of your statements. What you are seeing as staff turn over is actually our staff roster rotation. In fact we have a very stable team. At the time of your review we had seven baristas on our seven day roster, all had been with us for over 12 months. We certainly have a range of skill levels amongst our baristas including some very highly skilled practitioners and some up and comers who are developing their skills. All of our baristas are approved by our head barista before they are allowed make coffee for sale to customers, and even our most junior barista staff have had n=months of training before they are authorised to make coffee for customers. None of our baristas would ever mix milk or vary our procedure for filling, packing and tamping ....It simply would never happen. All of our baristas are passionate, and professional. Like all good coffee houses, many of our customers have their favourite baristas, we always have at least two on each shift. Next time you are in, they would love to say hello and talk you through our coffees. Thanks again for taking the trouble to review us :)

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