Lords of Pour

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302-304 Ocean View Road, Ettalong Beach, NSW


6:00AM - 3:00PM
6:00AM - 3:00PM
6:00AM - 3:00PM
6:00AM - 3:00PM
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7:30AM - 2:30PM
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26 Reviews

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4 reviews · a month ago

We arrived with half an hour to spare before closing time and were told with the regular pan faced expression from Front of House staff: Kitchen is closed, and we are not taking any more coffee orders today as there is a half an hour wait on coffees. I was disappointed, having driven 45 minutes from home just for your coffee- but didn't question it. We then walked on up to Coast Cafe but saw that the line for coffee was out the door. So we headed back to our car, parked in front of your café - only to find that customers who had been BEHIND us in the queue, had now ordered and been seated.... ummm.... sorry? I politely re-joined the queue and questioned why people behind us had been served and allowed to sit, when my family of four children, my husband and I, had not. We weren't loud and offensive. We just had wanted TWO coffees. You decided this time to serve us but the 'selective service' experience had left a bad taste in our mouths. We didn't come back for awhile but since that visit, we have been met with the same "You are inconveniencing me by being here" attitude. We don't expect much- just a smile and a feeling that we are welcome. We used to love Lords but lately it's as though egos have developed from having a good coffee rep and staff are trying to emulate this "too cool for school" attitude.... Anyway, the nail in the hospitality coffin for me was a few weekends ago, when we visited and ordered two iced long blacks. They came in large smoothie glasses, which I thought was a bit odd. The coffee was drowned with water and ice and the taste resembled that of an ash tray. The young waitress, not a regular we'd seen before, asked us how everything was (I had had about four sips of mine and we were about to leave). I politely commented that it had tasted quite watery and I asked if they had made many of them before...."Oh yes," she said in a friendly manner before pausing, 'Sorry, what is it?"... This spoke volumes. We definitely won't be back- which is a shame, because like I said, their regular long blacks are one of the best I've had on the coast.

699 reviews · 252 followers · 2 years ago

A different much improved location to my previous visit.great vibe, sweet friendly personable service. My single o piccolo was washed out and lacked identity and body, but my single Ethiopian was bursting with berries and brightness.. plenty of cakes and great food options. Well done on the new spot.

17 reviews · 2 years ago

Coffee was good, about as good as it gets this end of the Central Coast, about a 7.5/10 ... but the food! Hands down some of the most amazing food we’ve had. The Macro bowl was beautiful, wholesome and delicious. The Brunch bae (bacon & egg roll) really takes the old classic to the next level with a Smokey relish... the cakes and slices cabinet was so enticing we just about took one of everything - but settled on a warm fresh muffin and will be eating brunch here for the remainder of our stay in Umina to try everything the Lords have to offer.

1 review · 3 years ago

Sought this Cafe out for its coffee based on rating on BH. Coffee, LB w cm on side was worth it. Very good. Wife agreed with her skim latte. Nice little Cafe, food ok.

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