Long Street Coffee

8.11006 reviews


45 Little Hoddle Street, Richmond, Victoria


(04) 15 164 130

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284 reviews · 9 followers · 2 years ago

Not an easy place to find. Surprisingly large interior which had a clean industrial feel. Coffee lately has been Proud Mary's beans. The coffee has been good some days and ok on others. Friendly staff. Weekends have a much better vibe than during the slow weekdays.

37 reviews · 3 followers · 3 years ago

I love the clean look of this place, white and polished industrial deco complimented the friendly, calm, attentive, service. They use beans from different roasters and use them well. Small Batch, Proud Mary, Market Lane.. they really give their customers a lot to choose from. The owner seems to love his coffee as much as the team does. Worth a visit or two if you're in the area. Keep up the good work team and you'll go far!

1 review · 4 years ago

Wow! I have been to some overpriced, pretentious and poorly endowed cafe's in my time, but this one takes the cake! (no pun intended). Not only is the food mediocre at best, it is also extremely expensive for what it is AND the service is downright rude. I ordered a meal which came half cold. After one bite, I realised I wouldnt be able to eat it as there was some flavour in it that was making me feel ill. I took it straight back. The guy at the counter said that the meal was as described in the menu (although the menu didnt say it would be inedible, but only listed the ingredients as is the way of menus) and when I asked for another meal he told me that I would need to pay for both meals (!) Chastened, I returned to the table with my now freezing cold meal and attempted again to consume it. There was an intense and disgusting flavour to the salmon as if it was not fresh or not quite right - it actually tasted like a very strong gamey meat - kangaroo or similar which I cant eat. If I had ordered kangaroo, I would have been prepared to eat it, but I ordered salmon! I moved it to the side. The rest of the meal was just OK, not terrible, but not worth $18. The zuchini patties were terribly soggy and the rest was bland and unpleasant. Then I went to pay for this disagreeable meal and I said that there was something wrong with the salmon. The manager went to great lengths to tell me that he had had some earlier and was still standing (?!) and that there must be something wrong with me for not being able to eat it - the implication was that I should not have complained. I reluctantly paid and said that I was not planning on returning. He said that is fine, smiling (!) and I also indicated that I would be letting my colleagues know that this cafe has bad food and rude service (as I work around the corner). Again he seemed completely unperturbed as if this was an everyday occurrence (perhaps it is...) and told me that I was perfectly at liberty to say whatever I liked. I am wondering if this is the new cafe standard - to act as if there is something wrong with the customer if they don't like the food or can't eat it? I paid, next time I will walk out - but there won't be a next time with this unpleasant and pretentious cafe.

24 reviews · 1 follower · 5 years ago

Very good take-away latte that had a creamy, nutty flavour. Relaxing place tucked down a lane way. Delicious passion fruit and poppy seed cake. Looked like a lot of care went into each coffee being made.

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