Driftwood Cafe

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Esplanade, Terrigal, New South Wales

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1 review · 3 years ago

I pass Driftwood all the time when I'm in Terrigal. I kept seeing the sign "Home of the Nutella Doughnut" at the front of the cafe. As a huge dessert lover I could not resist anymore. I love Nutella! So I had to try one. BIG MISTAKE. After I paid I waited enthusiastically for quite a while, giving me the impression that some work was being put into the doughnut. I then heard the door of the microwave & it dawned on me... my doughnut was in there. My heart sank. When it was eventually served, I bit into it finding nothing but the doughnut. It took a few bites to get to the barely melted "Nutella". It was clearly not the real Nutella. It tasted like a cheap hazelnut spread. The doughnut wasn't even nice. The whole thing was disgusting!! I will never ever go again

2 reviews · 1 follower · 5 years ago

I read through the reviews I see a constant, arrogance and rudeness of a bloke who must be the owner? Well he thanked me for not so positive feedback, told me I should have got up and left, asked me if I new of social media that i try it he said. All his rudeness shouted over other patrons, with a real lack of class. Ordered some focaccia press meals 16bucks a piece a banana crepe, smoothie, Mocha and Iced Choc. 60bucks plus. F From what we saw of meals on offer the missus and youngster were salivating. Drinks swiftly out and except Lge Mocha, all Great! Mocha Lge not full and too sweet half foam. About to ask for refund food was slow coming. Then as placed on table I sked is that my $16 meal. YES! Owner Bloke just happened by, I told him WOW most disappointing food I'd seen go out. He thanked me with a rye chuckle, "Thought you were serious?" he says. When I told him I was he launched into a tirade about me leaving, that I should. Did I know social media, try it! Well youngster was right he only shamed himself and his café. Later to rub it in his staff spill coffee over a customer. Owner is a try hard. Couldn't try harder if he tried.

4 reviews · 2 followers · 5 years ago

Haven't had a coffee here yet, but I have been 4 times now and can definitely recommend the 'Coconut Crush' and the 'So Be Tropicana (juice)'. The nutella and strawberry crepes are to die for also. Great layout and simple. A shame to see so many bad relationships with the owner. I think he seems nice enough and I have always had great service with him. He could however loose the glasses. would definately lighten the relationship to the customer. anyway, il be back within a fourtnight for sure. go there and check it out for yourself. definately worth a go. (oh and btw they are open way longer then the other cafe's massive bonus)

4 reviews · 6 years ago

Absolutely can't believe how bad this service is the manager/owner is absolutely the rudest person in hospitality I have ever seen. Even look at the trip advisor reviews and you will see how bad this is. Nothing about this place is good. Would be better if sold to a new owner who could do so much more with the place.

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