Bean In The City

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Ainslie Avenue, Civic, Australian Capital Territory

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Bean In The City

2 reviews · 2 years ago

Waited in line for coffee that tasted like it was roasted before I was born with the added bonus of burnt milk. La vazza I think. Good location I guess shameful product . P.s the porteguese tart tasted like scramble eggs. Give someone else a go!

Bean In The City

93 reviews · 3 years ago

Slick coffee outlet with minimalist, understated frontage. My flat white was smooth and pleasant, though suffered for lack of any real attitude. That said,the price represented remarkably good value and the service was fast, personal and interactive.

Bean In The City

4 reviews · 3 years ago

Incredibly lovely people, who remember who you are and what you order even though they see so many people. The people there are always really busy, but still remarkably quick and enjoyable to be around. And delicious coffee. I am always happy to go back there.

Bean In The City

7 reviews · 3 years ago

Really nice coffee, quite sweet tasting beans make for a mild tasting coffee that I think is better stronger! Very laid back staff but everything comes out surprisingly quickly. Food options are very tasty.

Bean In The City

171 reviews · 4 years ago

Superb coffee and my partner and I were so impressed with the quality of the milk in our lattes that we asked for the milk type and brand and now use it at home. Its a hole in the wall cafe and has moved away from using cups, glassed and mugs and on our visit only used take away cups. It's our view that lattes in a glass are still the only way to go, but we would love it if all take aways tasted this good, particularly at sports venues.

Bean In The City

1 reviews · 5 years ago

Rain, hail or shine, these boys make my day every morning. They remember what I drink. They are honest, hard working and have fantastic personalities. I'm very happy with Beans reasonable prices for fantastic coffee. Other cafes in the area charge alot more for the dishwater they serve. Keep up the good work!

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