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115 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland



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7:00AM - 3:00PM
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7:00AM - 3:00PM
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7:00AM - 3:00PM
7:00AM - 3:00PM
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Photo of cafe Village Espresso taken by AdamThomson
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2 reviews · 10 years ago

Stopped in here for coffee after yum cha. Friendly staff & the coffee was quite good. Not much seating but still a pleasant spot to have a coffee. The coffee was quite pleasant, I've had better, but I've certainly had much worse. I would say it was worth stopping there & I will again next time I'm in the Valley.

22 reviews · 1 follower · 10 years ago

come on guys get real, almost every review has 10 on it but reviewer has only done one or two reviews, hmmm smells rotten. If you actually take them seriously one would think that barista possesses skills and knowledge of Paul Basset or Scott Callaghan, or does he? Someone underneath has summed it up nicely but still scored highly, not sure why?

200 reviews · 496 followers · 10 years ago

Village Espresso is an interesting little café just on the outskirts of the Valley. Backing onto Cathedral Place on busy Wickham Street, my first impression of this place was that it reminded me of a little take-away joint. Interestingly, this place was previously a juice/sandwich bar until about a year ago when the owners realised that most of their customers wanted coffee - not juice. So they totally changed their focus, did some renovations, partnered with a roaster, and Village Espresso was born! We visited today for the first time. Owner Paul was busy working the espresso machine while his mum Bernadette served us. After reading how popular this place gets during peak hour, we decided to visit during a quieter time - this allowed us to have a good chat with Bernadette. She was absolutely lovely, and it was quite clear from her interaction with other customers and passers-by that people love her very personal approach to service - as we did. There are two different blends on offer from Melbourne company Coffex - a brand I hadn't tried previously. I started with a double shot latte with their more popular Superbar blend. This is touted as the “smooth” blend, but I was a little disappointed to find that it tasted very much like one of many nondescript coffees that I have tried over the years. It was drinkable, but didn't really make a statement of any kind. Bernadette seemed to sense that I wasn't really happy with my coffee and suggested that their other blend (Classic Scuro blend) has a much more robust flavour. She was kind enough to offer me another coffee with this blend - on the house. This time I went for a piccolo; sure enough this one was much more to my taste, and I quite enjoyed the flavour. There were a couple of things I noticed today that detracted a little from the overall experience. Firstly, I just don't get the "ceramic" latte glass thing. I've never been a fan; and personally if I order a latte, I like to see what it looks like. Secondly, both of my coffees today could've been vastly improved if the milk texturing was better. I actually caught a glimpse of the barista preparing the milk - he used a thermometer and it really looked to me like he was simply heating the milk without really applying any particular technique to texture it correctly. And this was reflected in the very thin milk that I tasted in both coffees. On a side-note, Bernadette mentioned during our visit and she clearly loves the site! I’m finding a lot of café owners talking about Beanhunter these days, great to see :)

1 review · 10 years ago

These people have it down pat, they know how to serve great coffee and they know that building relationships with their customer base is what life is all about. Whenever I have walked into Village Espresso, I am greeted with a smile and excellent service, no matter what I am asking for ... the coffee is always exceptional, I don't think I have had the same piece of coffee art on my regular latte more than once in the five years I have been going to this establishment. Service with a smile, or a shoulder to have a little tear on when times are trying... Thanks Villagers, you make my day.... Paul and Bernadette you know the coffee business and have that true barista spirit...

4 reviews · 10 years ago

I hit peak hour, counted 15 people lined up in this little store, the barista seemed unfazed and his mum (?) was friendly and calm. Coffee was fine, a bit hot perhaps, but that suited because I had to walk back to work w it. I'll return for sure.

1 review · 10 years ago

I LOVE this coffee shop!! The service is just fantastic - paul and bernadette (aka "mum") are so lovely and always make an effort to see how we are and genuinely care too. They know our orders and even start making them as we walk in!! Paul does an awesome job with his coffee art - and every single design is unique with beautiful flowers, stars and other pretty designs. The coffee is great too and im never disappointed at all!! I have thought a lot that i would love to quit the corporate world and work with these two at village espresso and really do consider them as my friends :-)

1 review · 10 years ago

Firstly I love the customer service in this place! Its generosity, kindness and coffee quality always bring me back. No matter how busy or empty the store is you'll always deal with respect and satisfaction! I have been to many others coffee places where staff do not take caution making my coffee during peak hour. But my coffee here is always right in temperature/taste and presentation, even though they're no artist but it really give me the chill of Michelangelo is making my coffee. The coffee bean is phenomenal its keep my tongue entertained after every sip. There is a lingering after taste that is smooth, relaxing and calming. The amount of milk used is perfect it brings the beans to LIFE! My cappuccino is always full of flavour and never ever needed to add sugar, that is how coffee meant to be drank anyway. Not to hype anything up but you'll never know unless you give it a shot, it might not be your cup of coffee but this place has found it place in my heart. If drinking their coffee don't make you shiver in pleasure! you might want to see a doctor...

2 reviews · 10 years ago

Guys one thing I forgot to tell you yesterday..I can walk into the shop any time and the young Batista,looks at me smiles and asked me how are you going today sir. Not only do I get good coffee but good service :)

2 reviews · 10 years ago

Hi Guys I have a coffee at the shop everyday,and last Saturday I took the in laws in for a coffee and toast. This guy know how to make a dam good coffee:) the coffee is so tasty you are left with a good taste in your mouth. I feel sorry for the person that left the last comment,I think we all know where her taste buds are . And do you know if you would of taken it back to these guys they would of fixed it up I feel for you love you have got to much money what a waste but you can't please everybody. Keep on pumping my coffee out i love it Thanks Village Espresso

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