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29 Merivale Street, South Brisbane, Queensland


0413 913 243


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60 Reviews

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7 reviews · 5 years ago

dedicated team. they explore single origin roasts and are happy to talk. the cold pour and pour over are well thought out and made with loving care. interesting food with artisan pickles

200 reviews · 496 followers · 6 years ago

I must confess I've always had a soft spot for Two Trees - which is always rekindled when I see their profile photo on Beanhunter (from my camera). Last time I reviewed them (over 2 years ago) they were just starting out in a little converted space in a café-saturated part of West End. Fast forward to 2014, their newly renovated space in Merivale St (South Brisbane) is a whole different concept, showing a degree of evolution that is off the charts. From a design perspective, the use of space at Two Trees is just beautiful. The main area basically consists of one large (and stunning) communal table with a perfectly framed servery area beyond it. For anyone who looks closely at the attention to detail here, there is so much to appreciate – the menus are a perfect example of this. Currently the space feels quite intimate, even smallish, however the upstairs section that is near completion will provide ample room for those who wish to linger. For those visitors who don’t work/live nearby, it can be a bit of a mission to find a car park in this part of town – but it’s definitely worth the effort to go out of your way to visit. Most of the clientele are busy professionals who work nearby, and I would guess that most are after a quick take away. What’s extraordinary is that Two Trees have a massive following of filter converts, which is quite rare for this type of setup. Owners Jordan and Mim offer efficient friendly and personal service, which is reflected in the loyal following they have. But even more than that, it’s their surprising business savvy and fearless innovation that I truly admire. Today we were treated to two beautiful filters – the highlight for me was the Kenyan Karatu Gatundu from Seven Seeds. The clarity of flavour (blackcurrant and prune) was superb. And on a day where we enjoyed coffees from 4 different (very good) cafes, nothing else came remotely close to this coffee. These guys are amazing; expect big things from Two Trees!

13 reviews · 1 follower · 6 years ago

Neat little place in South Brisbane. A tad difficult to find parking but fairly worthwhile. I had a pour over which was superb. Strong and sweet, just how I like my filter coffee. Food was good too. I had a Haloumi Burger which was fresh tasting and not too heavy. My wife had a Reuben Sandwich. A bit strong on the pickle and sauerkraut but still tasty and filling. I liked the selection of doughnuts rather than the usual cafe cakes. Service was friendly and keen to share information about beans. I saw photos of a larger seating area than what was on offer when I was there but I'm guessing it was being worked on at the time or something.

2 reviews · 6 years ago

Walked out of a cafe on the corner across the road due to poor service and walked into this sanctuary. Beautifully decorated, pleasant staff, amazing looking sweet treats and a great latte.

18 reviews · 5 followers · 6 years ago

Favourite cafe. The first double ristretto I had here a year or so ago changed the way I think about coffee. Then they introduced me to filter coffees, and they just keep getting better. This review is about a pour over I had there recently. Beans: Buena vista peaberry, roasted by Market lane Method: Hario v60 pour over. Tasting notes: Excellent flavour clarity, strawberry and milk chocolate, with gentle acidity and an awesome, lingering finish. Service: I just love chatting to these guys and finding out what they've got going on, they're efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. They're a busy little place these days, but they just keep delivering quality coffee and food with minimal wait times and teaching me heaps about coffee. Atmosphere: The new fit out is epic. I love it; I'd like to just hang out there all day. The communal table works well for singles, couples or groups of various sizes.

63 reviews · 58 followers · 6 years ago

For the full review and fabulous photos visit: It was nearly two years ago we originally converged on Two Trees Espresso in South Brisbane. Well actually it was in a garage in West End. How Two Trees have blossomed in that time. Just as we have grown and got a new funky web space, Mim and Jordan at Two Trees have a new warm and intimate space on Merivale Street. Fortunately, we arrived the day after a brand new interior refurb guided by a local architect. There is a sense of intimacy in the new layout even though it’s communal in design. Jordan said they had learnt a lot in their first two years of business … and how it shows. Our pour over on a Yirgacheffe from Seven Seeds arrived. The coffee was superb with a hint of peach that grew more pronounced as it cooled. Two Trees have moved to The Odyssey Project coffee as well as sourcing other specialty coffee beans. We decided to try another pour over on the Yirgacheffe from TOP as we watched the morning coffee crowd come and go and drew youthful comparisons with The Tiller. We were treated to another sweet and tasty pleasure for the palette. It seems Two Trees is easy to enter but hard to leave … With a great desire to avoid work, we talked more about Bean Brewding Coffee Tours and decided on a shlong for the road. We got a bit more detail behind the new refurb including the secreting away of the La Marzocca to improve intimacy of the drinking areas. The shlong was delightful and delivered a creamy mouth feel – it was a great parting coffee. One thing that hasn’t changed at Two Trees in South Brisbane is the delightful and welcoming environment … great hosts, great coffee.

436 reviews · 568 followers · 6 years ago

Going back after nearly a year break. I really loved the original place and Mambo coffee though it does not seem to be very popular in Brisbane. They have been with TOP now, so they still love sweet, bold and strong taste. I tried filter based on my curiosity about Small Batch roaster from Melbourne. My brundi was carefully and beautifully poured, and presented very stylish. Tastewise, again, it tasted very sweet with a strong body leaving mouthful feel. Presentation was very nice, but the shop looked much better than my last visit. The shop has a huge communal table and customers have to share it. It is a good way to enjoy your own time, or meet new people for a small chat. I should go back again as they are now open on Saturday.

1 review · 6 years ago

Friggen sick little joint in south bris. Great coffee, great staff. I had a delicious v60 on a seven seeds roast that they had in and my friend had an awesome flat white on the house roast. Definitely should stop by!

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