Rhino Espresso

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135 Northgate Rd, Northgate, Queensland



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2 reviews4 months ago

Rhino Espresso at Northgate is still totally the best local coffee shop in Brisbane. Nathan and Nick make the place feel like family. Good coffee, good food: perfect, friendly service and fine friends - what more could anyone want? Large skinny cap and a cheese croissant is my favourite.

2 reviewsa year ago

This is my local and I absolutely love it. I look forward to getting my coffee here every morning and breakfast a few days a week too. My family also have breakfast or morning tea here most weekends and also love the place. Service is always excellent, personalised and professional. Food is tasty and fresh and the prices are good. For someone who comes here nearly every day, I have never had a single problem at Rhino at Northgate. Love the place. The staff go the extra mile - always. A particular shout-out to Beth - a model of perfect customer service and kindness.

1 review2 years ago

Poor service, staff ignored us then we're rude when they did eventually serve us. Ordered food and coffee and to eat outside but was brought out to us in takeaway cups and paper bags. Food was ridiculously over priced considering it was cold and with craft cheese slices/plastic cheese. Coffee was burnt. 10/10 would not recommend

3 reviews2 years ago

You know I have been to this place some many times over 3 or so months. I order the same thing. They still ask me what I want. Never call me by name ( it's on my credit card for goodness sake) Always I ask if I need a receipt. The staff are just there to do a job and that's it. There is not even the slightest bit of interaction. I don't blame the staff so much as the people that employ them. They should know how to train their staff. It's not rocket science. RossQ

2 reviews1 follower3 years ago

I moved in down the street from this cafe, and after reading all the terrible reviews here I avoided it until today. The food, coffee and service were all of excellent quality. The people who wrote the other reviews are the type of people that complain that their coffee is "too bitter". Y'all mother fuckers can fuck off and die. Furthermore, suck me off at the next station. Peace.

158 reviews218 followers5 years ago

oh dear.......had to come out this way for business and was desperately hunting Beanhunter to find a good place for a coffee, when....we drove past here. There seemed to be a few people in there and we took that as a good sign. It was busy, with two girls working, one mainly on the San Marino and the other taking orders. More people kept coming in after I ordered my takeaways....GOT to be a good sign, right? I watched the girl making the coffees, getting a bit snowed under, the other girl came in and started dosing the shots. I could see my takeaway cups get put down and I was horrified at the tiny amount of coffee grinds dosed into the basket for two coffees! No real attention to detail or care taken, no coffee grinds wiped off the top before it was whacked in and under. Bang there came our two shots. From that point I didn't hold out much hope for those coffees. :( And sadly I have to agree with many of the prior reviews, the coffees were milky weak and tastless. No crema, no punch of espresso flavour in your mouth. In fact they were weaker than some chilled prepacked coffee milk drinks! I can't say much more, there was no sense of understanding a good extraction, maybe the beans don't help either?? But the result is a throw away $3.50 coffee, as undrinkable. :( Maybe we should have waited till I found a better reviewed cafe on Beanhunter in the area....or just gone to Dandelion & Driftwood? Cannot recommend this place AT ALL. :(

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