Bitter Suite

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75 Welsby, New Farm, Queensland


07 32544426

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40 reviews · 1 follower · 5 years ago

Discerning café seekers beware. I have been here only twice. Once cause I was desperate with friends for a late night coffee as New Farm just does not cater for this crowd. This was the poor second choice. Only one thing that appealed to me on the menu being a part time vegetarian ; an edible quick dip snack of Fried Aubergine slices, and drinkable coffee. My coffee companions really did not take to the coffee too well. Warning bells. This second visit as a solo diner, the waitress instantly deposited a bottle of warm water - this café must not own a fridge. This was a March day of 35 C, and no fans or air conditioning, and but for the high ceilings and hot air rising, I could have fainted in my chair from the humidity, but determined to try something as a late afternoon hunger beckoned. Café owner, this is Queensland, its hot and we need air conditioned premises; or at least an industrial size fan. This meal was quite frankly just awful. A miniscule vegetarian? on Turkish with insipid veges some sort of green unidentifiable paste, drowning diced red capsicum. I nearly laughed out loud, as it was accompanied pre frozen Maccas chips. I passed my compliments onto the chef. This was a $20 meal. I could have made this at home and much more interesting sauce out of a jar. Its a shame as its on a top site on the corner of Welsby and James St. Apart from that I cannot see what the attraction is for the few diners I often see there. The only interesting feature was the French style chandeliers probably a left over from the previous owner. The place was deserted on a week day, I can see why. Only 2 other males, and another solo male outside drinking beers and keeping the waitress busy. If you don't drink beer why would you come here. The décor is tired old style spindle hard wooden tex mex type seating, the table décor consisted of one lonely mini cactus pot and the salt container is a small jam jar with the holes punched and covered in dust, how very retro. The capuccino drinkable but only just. A no name brand. I could not ascertain what brand it was but it was not anything that I had seen before. If they had no newspapers to read I would have been twice as disillusioned. Silly me I should trust my instincts and stick to my tried and trusted cafes. But I like to give different local business my support. I can't wait for a more entrepreneurial outfit to replace the current tenant. The final let down, the password to the free wif fi access just did not work.

Bitter Suite's Avatar'

Bitter Suite

5 years ago

Hi, Thankyou again for your second lengthy review on another review site! You know how to bring a place down! You obviously had the lunch time special which was accompanied by a beer, wine or cider. Hence not $20 just for the food. The coffee roasters are Fonzie Abbott based in Albion. Their branding is clearly evident around our machine. They are a well known and terrific company with great coffee. Fries are our chips and sorry you mistake them for Macca's chips, although they are labelled as 'fries' on our menu. Glad we had the free newspapers for you to read! Maybe you typed the password in incorrectly as no-one else has this issue?! Apologies for not being busier on the day you were here. Cheers, drop by for a beer...I hear it's good!

9 reviews · 6 followers · 7 years ago

Creative food, Good value, good service and very friendly staff. Kids are more than welcome, big space for groups of people. It would be great if they can improve the coffee.

4 reviews · 10 years ago

Lunch of poached chicken and salad the first day was simply delicious, returned the next day to have an extremely refreshing and tasty prawn salad. Both times I had the Glew herbal tea, amazing taste of subtle ginger, lemongrass and echinacea white tea. Merlo coffee also great.

8 reviews · 10 years ago

Bitter Suite has been operating for several months replacing earlier operations in this locality. The new owners are enthusiastic and it shows with a dramatic improvement in patronage. Under previous management patrons had drifted away in the face of indifferent coffee and service. The supply of handcrafted beers is an innovation that appears to be working out for the new owners. The new management are working hard to make this a success and it shows

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