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Bedouin Brew serves up Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters full range of roasts - from filter to espresso to cold brew! (These may be on or off the menu at certain times of the year - depending on the season!)We love sourcing local goods and honestly, we just love providing a relaxed coffee shop space for friends and strangers to connect over coffee. This is the place to come if you like good coffee, relaxed, social environments and friendly staff :)


Corner of Beaudesert Road & Boyland Avenue, Coopers Plains, QLD




6:30AM - 2:00PM
6:30AM - 2:00PM
6:30AM - 2:00PM
6:30AM - 2:00PM
6:30AM - 2:00PM
7:00AM - 12:00PM

19 Reviews

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1 review2 months ago

One of my all time favourite coffee shops. Family friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Great coffee and friendly service. Good to see the new Coopers Plains shop is opening.

2 reviews4 months ago

Delicious cappuccino, mellow, creamy, strength spot on. Best I've had in ages. Well done. Service was great too. Brought my keepcup for a takeaway but decided to sit in the cafe instead. It was served in a lovely porcelain china cup. Curious to know what their eco policies are and if they give a takeaway cup discount. Will be back 馃槉

Bedouin Brew's Avatar'

Bedouin Brew

2 months ago

Thanks JessicaH 937 ! :) We have relocated to Coopers Plains if you decide to say hello in the future. We will be providing discount on all BYO cups at our new site and we will be working towards refining our wastage as best as possible. We hope to see you there!

17 reviews1 follower8 months ago

I really wanted to love this place as they do use Bonsoy, it's close to home and they've got the plant nursery in the same building. For that reason I visited twice before making an unfavourable review. The coffee is just really weak-tasting and that's despite a double shot in an 8oz. Friends have had a mixed experience as well with one coffee being fine and the other so weak as to be like warm milk. Not sure what's going on when I visit as others seem to love it.

Bedouin Brew's Avatar'

Bedouin Brew

8 months ago

Hello bonsoyhunter, it was disappointing to log on and see your review. It's unfortunate our coffee isn't suited to your taste.. It seems you really enjoy a strong coffee and we understand our coffee is certainly on the lighter end of strength. Neighbourhood coffee is loved for its smooth caramel notes and creamy mouthfeel and that is what we believe our regulars come back to enjoy. We understand you're reviewing coffees on Bonsoy milk, but if it is a strong coffee you seek we would highly recommend trying our coffee as a long black - it is really beautiful when made this way - clean, rich and strong :) We would love to see you back in store to have a chat and maybe try our coffee on water or as an espresso. In terms of others loving the space, we are quite passionate about the unique environment we provide and our hospitable nature. We really hope you enjoyed at least something about Bedouin Brew. Nevertheless, thank you for the feedback and it is a fair comment as we do not rate our coffee on the "strong" end of the spectrum and happily discuss this with our customers. We hope to see you in the future and would love some face to face feedback next time you're in! Kind Regards, The Bedouin Brew team.

1 review8 months ago

Such a lovely team and omg great coffee!

Bedouin Brew's Avatar'

Bedouin Brew

2 months ago

Thanks JcF 447! Please know we have relocated to the corner of Beaudesert Road and Boyland Avenue. We will be open as of the 25th of September and hope to see you there :)

1 review9 months ago

Love Bedouin! The team are super friendly and chatty, always a great atmosphere and of course their coffee is 10/10. If you haven't checked it out, I implore you to come and taste the coffee- I haven't found any better in Brisbane to date.

Bedouin Brew's Avatar'

Bedouin Brew

2 months ago

Thanks DanielN 224. It's reviews like yours that keep us doing what we do. I hope you are aware we have relocated to the corner of Beaudesert Road and Boyland Avenue. Please stop in if you get a chance :) We aim to be opened by the 25th of September at the latest. Bedouin Brew.

390 reviews565 followersa year ago

A very unique place - a cafe in a warehouse and nursery with oriental feel. They do not offer food other than small treats at the time but they always offer good coffee. The temperature is always right, easy to drink. I had a sip of my partner's flat white and his cups taste always sweet and creamy. The ladies working here are so friendly, attentive and yet relaxed. They are happy to ask how all customers are and treat them like their friends. Lots of space to sit down and enjoy a chat with friends and family. It can be a good alternative to busy cafes at Rocklea market as I do not have to compete for seats and sit in the hot open air space at Bedouin Brew.

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