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Written by Jamie|19, May, 2021

What is your roastery’s story/ where did it all begin?
Founded in 2009, Zest has developed to be one of Australia’s trusted specialty coffee roasters. Our focus on flavour has been pivotal to progress, but our real secret to success is the wonderful team we employ.

You will find us to be a family of genuine, enthusiastic, and progressive people, invested in the advancement of specialty coffee. We are driven by an inner-energy to work for the good of all ‘coffeekind’. This embraces all our friends in the supply chain – from the farming families at origin, to the dedicated baristas in the cafes, and to the consumers who savour our brews and appreciate the labour of love in each bag of coffee beans.

Zest will always be keen, and kind, and fair, and honest, and helpful. Our team is diverse in personality, culture, background, and experience, but we are united by a willingness to make an impact for good wherever we can.

Supply chain transparency and ethical and sustainable sourcing of green beans is of central importance to us. We work at origin to uplift small-holder farming families by conducting hands-on experimentation, sharing experience and knowledge, and donating resources that help improve processing techniques and therefore the farm-gate value of their coffee. While we humbly acknowledge the smallness of the difference we can make in an enormous global industry, there is nothing that rewards us more as a team than to see an improvement farmers’ lives as a result of our efforts at origin.

Who is the head roaster?
Leo Corser

Any others on your team we need to credit?
Aryan Aqajani (Head of Coffee)

When did you start/date founded?

Who started the business/roastery?
Anton Greenfield started Zest

What makes you unique?
Zest loves exploring, discovering flavour, pushing the boundaries of specialty coffee. Our quest for the extraordinary is always a journey, a journey that transports us to far-away reaches of the coffee world. these missions of flavour creation are a collaboration with our direct trade partners and coffee farming families on the other side of the globe.

Our goal is to improve the lives of coffee workers and their families, to innovate in processing, explore fermentation. to educate, to share knowledge and experience, and to give back to these amazing communities.

We have travelled to fascinating territories, traversed high mountain tracks, observed amazing cultures. We’ve worked side by side on steep coffee slopes, watched the emotions, seen the angst, shared the joy and admired the pride and purpose of the farmer.

These are special opportunities for Zest to impart – flavour & friendliness, value & variety, learning & skills. A process that enhances value and builds a brighter future. Helping our team to grow in understanding and compassion for all coffeekind.

This is Zest.

What is your roastery’s ethos?
A sense of our moral obligation to act responsibly and proactively in the pursuit of sustainability in the coffee supply chain guides and motivates decisions every day at zest. Values of good ethics, transparency and respect regulate our relationships with all stakeholders in our business and beyond.

Why are you passionate about the coffee industry?
1. Flavour – we have a fascination with flavour that drives our passion for amazing coffee experiences
2. Helping small-holder farming families in poverty improve their circumstances

Any coffee competition wins?
Yes, won many medals but not our focus in the past few years.

How many stores/roasting locations in Australia?
Three, Berwick Vic, Marrickville, NSW and Gippsland Vic

Any special roasting technology you are using?
We love our new Dietrich 12kg – perfect for getting the best out of our special coffees.

This week on the Beanhunter Coffee Club you will be drinking…


TASTING NOTES: Caramel Fudge, Cashew, Red Nectarine, and Apricot Jam
COMPOSITION: Colombia Popayan, washed process, 85 score
Ethiopian Aricha Sidamo Grade 1, washed process, 86 score
Peru Bosques Verdes, washed process 84 score

All the origins in the above blend are amazing and have a transparent supply chain that assures ethical relationships throughout the journey of this coffee.

However, one origin stands out as special to us because of the hands-on work and wonderful relationships we have built with our friends and farmers of the Bosques Verdes Cooperative in Peru.

Our team has worked for two years running on family farms in this co-op helping with donations of processing infrastructure and tools and sharing knowledge and experience in coffee fermentation and processing that has helped farmers achieve a higher farm gate price for better quality produce.

About the projects
Watch video…
View gallery…
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This year we are again working with the co-op to support another 24 farmers by donating processing infrastructure including sheltered raised drying beds (see pic below) and fermentation tanks. This will help these farmers produce an increased volume of higher quality consistent product which will help them achieve a higher farm gate price.


TASTING NOTES: Pineapple, Honey, Coconut & Vanilla
PRODUCER: The people of Malabe Village
REGION: Ermera
VARIETAL: Hybrido De Timor, Typica
ALTITUDE: 1700-1800 MASL

This coffee has an amazing story. Besides the fact that this is a delicious honey process coffee gathered from wild coffee trees by the people of the Malabe Village, this coffee comes from a region devasted by recent unprecedented flooding. So we knew that this coffee could help Malabe Village in a way that is much more than spreading great coffee flavour. By purchasing this coffee you have donated $1 to this cause and Zest has a goal of donating at least $2,500.00 through the support of people like you.

Thanks for helping the people of Malabe Village with your purchase of these flavoursome gems. Improve their lives while enjoying as exotic specialty coffee flavour discovery.

More about Malabe Village coffee…
Unlike the general farming methods of cropping and harvesting, the people of Malabe Village use the coffee that grows naturally around them. Better described as ‘coffee collectors’ than farmers, entire families set out into the forest to find the ripest cherries growing in the wild. Collecting the cherries is no small feat! Collectors are often required to climb up the tall trunks of these untouched coffee trees to collect the best cherries! As more of the story was unfolded, we were thrilled to find out that Raw Materials works directly with the Malabe Village community to collect, process and mill the coffees meaning a direct and highly traceable supply chain from our roastery right back to Malabe Village. Read more…

Any famous last words?
We are an upbeat team of coffee professionals that together represent the trusted brand, Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters. Together we are building a brand based on flavour, on people, on relationships and on helping others succeed. We have come through the challenges of the Covid pandemic strongly and are experiencing robust growth.


We hope you enjoy this week’s cup. The Beanhunter Coffee Club is the best way to discover amazing coffee – join today!