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Written by Jamie|26, August, 021

What is your roastery’s ethos?
We’re dedicated to providing the perfect coffee experience for every single customer. For some people, that’s a really simple fast flat white before they go to work at our espresso bar and for others, it will be a crazy single origin we are running on filter.

Who is the head roaster?
Mack Bowers

What is your roastery’s story/ where did it all begin?
Charline and I started the business together back in 2016 as an espresso bar. Originally we were set up on Roma street in the Brisbane CBD and spent around 2 years trading there before moving over to Milton because of the Cross River Rail development.

We always wanted to move up in the coffee landscape and had been thinking about doing our own roasting for ages but finding a way into the industry was difficult. Once the pandemic hit in early 2020 we had way more time on our hands and met Dan Delaney down at Open Coffee. Slowly after a few months of testing and tinkering we settled on a blend that we really liked. Before we knew it we were putting in front our customers who were loving it, and the rest is history.

We’re just loving the learning and discovery process that roasting is. We’re getting to play with new and exciting coffees all the time and to share that with our customers is amazing.

When did you start/date founded?

Any special roasting technology you are using?
We roast on Loring roasters. The consistency they provide has been massive for us. It’s meant we have been focussing more on

This week on the Beanhunter Coffee Club you will be drinking…


Our HOUSE PARTY blend is a compilation of everything we’ve been working on since we started 4 years ago. This blend brings together 3 of our favourite origins to create as we put it ‘A PARTY IN YOUR MOUTH’. Loud, lively and a little bit cheeky (like any good party) HOUSE PARTY is perfect for your milk coffees and those who like their espresso with a kick. The Brazil and the Nicaragua provide the rich and slightly bitter chocolate and nutty notes then the Ethiopian comes in to support with some ripe berry sweetness.

Filter – Sito Sao Jose, Mina Gerais, Brazil

This coffee comes from Mantiqueria Minas, in one of the highest elevation parts of South Mina Gerais. Coffees from this region often present outstanding citrus, floral and fruity notes, creamy and dense body, intense citric acidity, evident sweetness and prolonged finish. Sit Sao Jose is no exception. We get a lot of refined sugar sweetness with light citrus acid when tasting this one. Think Lemon glaze on a dark chocolate cake. Make sure to brew on a lower than normal temperature, 88-90 degrees, that will help bring out some of the acidity. Brew ratio should be 16 parts water to 1 part coffee.

Any famous last words?
Happy brewing everyone! Please jump on our Instagram @wanderercoffee and or even review us on Google and say what you thought of the coffee!


We hope you enjoy this week’s cup. The Beanhunter Coffee Club is the best way to discover amazing coffee – join today!