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Written by Jamie|17, November, 2021

What makes you unique / what is your roastery’s ethos?
Our vision at Timely Coffees is to provide access to meaningful coffees. We think first and foremost about how we can present the coffees we roast in a way that is easy to understand and approachable at all times. For example, we refer to all our coffees by their producers’ names and describe processing and origin information as simply and as authentically as possible.

What is your roastery’s story/ where did it all begin?
Timely Coffees has been around since 2017. Until 2020, we were known as “Laika Roasters”. Up to this point, we had been roasting within the space at Laika (our sister cafe in Lathlain, WA). As we started to grow, we quickly realised that we needed more space and our own unique identity. From this, Timely Coffees was born.

Seb Prosser

Giorgia Muscio
Callum Morich
Eisha Ryden-Hale
Steph Archer
Natalie Grunau

Where is your roastery heading/ plans for the future?
We’ve always said that our focus is on “doing a good job”. For us, this means staying true to our values and our vision. As our popularity has grown, we’ve installed a second roaster, hired additional staff, and leased larger spaces. We’ll continue to grow our capacity as we need to, to keep the same focus as always.

Why are you passionate about the coffee industry?
The powerful thing about coffee is its capacity to instigate positive change. As long as we keep bringing more people into the industry and making the product open to as large an audience as possible, we can continue to influence the market towards fairness.

This week on the Beanhunter Coffee Club you will be drinking…
These are two of our “house coffees”. We don’t serve blends, but these origins are staples of ours, which we recommend to those new to Timely Coffees. Expect them to be easy to drink, simple to brew, and memorable.


Espresso – Timely Two

Tasting Notes: Sweet + Rich

Pedro Gabarra is a 6th-generation producer who grows coffee with his father, Joao Newton Teixeira. Environmental sustainability is of the utmost importance to Pedro and Joao. In 2019, they received an award for being the most sustainable coffee farm in Brazil. The farm is also a rehabilitation and release area for native bird species and has 2 aviaries.

Producer: Pedro + Joao
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
State: Minas Gerais
Country: Brazil
Fermentation: Pulped, then fermented without the use of water.
Drying: Dried with mucilage layer intact.

Filter – Hasambo AMCOS
Tasting Notes: Chocolate / Jam / StrawberryThis coffee was grown by smallholder producers across four villages in the Mbozi district of Tanzania; Ilembo, Hasamba, Masangula and Kilimapima. The producers are members of Hasambo AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Co-operative and Society). The co-op supports local community projects such as building buffer zones to protect waterways, constructing channels to direct hazardous wastewater into tanks, and planting shade trees.

Producer: 500+ Members

Variety: Bourbon, Kent
District: Mbozi
Country: Tanzania
Fermentation: No information available.
Drying: Dried on tables for 7 to 10 days.

Timely Coffees Youtube – Hasambo AMCOS


We hope you enjoy this week’s cup. The Beanhunter Coffee Club is the best way to discover amazing coffee – join today!