Beanhunter Coffee Club – First Love Coffee

Written by Jamie|14, December, 2021

What is your roastery’s story/ where did it all begin?
We started the idea of doing a coffee roastery to align with the Rustica Sourdough brand whilst on a holiday in the Thai mountains back in late 2017.

We have always had a real love for speciality coffee since we first met back in 2015 and wanted to create a brand that is special, unique and a representation of what we look for in a cup of coffee.

When did you start/date founded?
Founded 2019

Who started the business/roastery?
Drew Gibbs & Brenton Lang (Rustica Sourdough)

Any others on your team we need to credit?
Nicole Pritchett & Myron Tsaldaris

Who is the head roaster?
Mason Kim

Where is your roastery heading/ plans for the future?
Brand new roastery HQ planned for late 2022

Why are you passionate about the coffee industry?
Coffee and hospitality have always been a part of us and our passion. Being able to share our love of coffee with people and see them genuinely excited makes it all worth it. Being able to achieve and serve a delicious coffee day in day out has made it all worth it.

How many stores/roasting locations in Australia?
Our recently opened new Flagship espresso bar is located at 4/447Collins street. We also work very closely with our 4 Rustica locations with number 5 opening very soon.

Any special roasting technology you are using?
Diedrich IR-12

This week on the Beanhunter Coffee Club you will be drinking…

The Polariod blend
50% Brazilian 30% Colombian 20% Ethiopian
Tasting notes: Strawberries and maple syrup with a floral finish

Polaroid is an honest blend comprised of washed process beans.
Exposing instant First Love. Polaroid is rich, silky and full-bodied. Perfect for the adventurous seeking a polarising experience: approachable through milk whilst retaining desirable complexity as a black coffee.

Commercial Espresso Machine Recipe
• Dose: 21.5g
• Yield: 42g
• Extraction time: 28-31 seconds

La Mariposa
Colombia is one of our favourite coffee regions. Producing a staggering diversity of flavours from sweet, fruit-forward and floral to rich, basey chocolate. La Mariposa is characterized by a unique geographical landscape and microclimate. This geography allows for a greater harvesting season and a high yield from each crop.

This fully washed FILTER coffee packs serious flavour with tasting notes of black cherry, hazelnut, dark chocolate and honey.

Any famous last words?
Another day, another latte