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104 reviews · 3 followers · 10 months ago

Five senses coffee is amazing. This place works with amazing beans well. They are packed on the weekend and you are treated like cattle a bit, hence the low score for service. I understand, but... They need a bigger space... it’s that simple. Half hour wait time ... hm. To the owner... think of the money you are missing out on!

34 reviews · 4 followers · a year ago

Been going down hill for a long time. Need extra shots in any size coffee to get a decent strong flavour away from the overpowering milkiness. Probably playing it safe for the older generations in the area.

464 reviews · 13 followers · a year ago

First time back since they changed the layout to a more open style coffee shop come food joint. Service was ok but nothing memorable, atmosphere was lacking perhaps due to how it’s opened up to the street and coffee was ordinary, perhaps due in part to them getting ready to close for the day at 1:45pm. Our Magic’s were luke warm and tasted really strong. Overall really disappointing!

82 reviews · 2 years ago

Terrible bitter coffee. Was our goto in adelaide and We bought beans. You are ruining five senses coffee And a very rude male waiter

3 reviews · 2 years ago

The end of a good thing? The was going to Cream to 3-4 time a week I love their coffee, food and staff. I ordered my coffee I was completely shocked at what I was served. Coffee albeit tasted nice however I had a very thin watery mouthfeel and watery taste. I looked in the fridge and noticed they had changed milk. I didn't realises that milk could so dramatically change the texture and flavour of coffee. So I went off not thinking much about until I was at the supermarket later that day. The new milk they are using is homogenised and the old milk was un-hmogenised. Please Cream get the old milk back, your coffee was the best!!!!! After a quick google search apparently this really does change the taste of coffee (thank you google). Not to make this sound like a rant I did note the new milk was quite a bit cheaper in the supermarket then what they used to use, how about passing some of that saving back to us poor customers if we can have what we having before. I cant fault your service or the venue I really do love it. I just want back what you use have!!

2 reviews · 2 years ago

Has always had fantastic coffee, so good in fact that we purchase beans from CREAM for our machine at home! Super friendly staff and a great guilty breakfast also! Coffee a bit pricey, but you pay it given the quality and lack of true competition in the area.

9 reviews · 2 years ago

Food was amazing, they bake their own bread and it is delicious! Coffee is great and the staff are super lovely! Would highly recommend!!

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