Top Cafes of 2016 - Wollongong

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Wollongong, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Delano Specialty Coffee in wollongong for 2016

I like the idea of Delano's and how the toast their own beans. I've heard many good things and decided to try it. However, I was a little disappointed with my first visit at Delano's. Coffee was very average. In saying that I will be back another time.

Great little find in Wollongong. Great coffee, service and atmosphere.

Best cafe Opus Coffee Brewers in wollongong for 2016

This little cafe made my road trip to Wollongong that much better. Great vibes and Top notch coffee!

Double espresso on an Ethiopian from Wide Open Road (if I remember correctly?) was absolutely done justice, couldn't fault the flat white. Service was and is always spot on! On ya!;)

This is noted as the best coffee shop in the gong and at $4 a cup you would think that your in for something special. Nothing special but a large dash of wank. Very little flavour with ashy after taste. This place would be classed as substandard in Sydney or Melbourne. But yet the place was packed with people waiting for their brew.🤔 I wonder if maybe here in the gong the peeps are confused what s good coffee is or maybe they are still learning.


The Broken Drum

Fairy Meadow

Best cafe The Broken Drum in wollongong for 2016

Very good, strong, and rich flavour. Not the fastest, it seems to take quite a long time for the friendly baristas to brew coffee. When its busy be prepared to wait, but its worth it.

Very good coffee, small but interesting range of nibbles. Nice people.

Great find while travelling through Fairy Meadow. Coffee was on point


Village Fix


Best cafe Village Fix in wollongong for 2016

This is my go-to coffee house for informal meetings, catch up with family and friends. Always have great coffee here. Thank you!

Best coffee in Shellharbour and staff are very friendly. It's an easy decision heading there each morning for the daily coffee.

You know the coffee is going to be good when they've won BeanHunters #1 coffee in Shellharbour and come first place in the Illawarra's best coffee competition on i98fm and Wave FM. These guys have some seriously good beans (Byron Bay Coffee Co.) and serious equipment (Linea PB machine & Mazzer grinders). They use the organic blend which is extremely smooth to drink (no bitterness at all). Anthony is very particular who he has making the coffee so you can be certain there will be no slap happy teenagers making your coffee, like you'll find at most places in the village. Anthony, Nat, Sarah, and the crew are very knowledgeable and always deliver an impeccable coffee with impeccable service. They are also now offering filter coffee for those who prefer their coffee without milk. So look no further, this place is a favourite among locals and the wider community and you'll be very glad you came here. Well done to the crew at Village Fix.


Swell Coffee


Best cafe Swell Coffee in wollongong for 2016

One of the longest serving coffee shops in the gong. I keep coming back due to people saying they're good. Nice guys but they still stuff up a long back.

Discovered these guys two weeks ago. They are now my go-to coffee joint during my work day! Service is great, coffee is even better - superior flavour and texture to anything I've had in the area. They roast their coffee on site. There's a great deal with large coffee plus a bottle of water for $5. Wish they stayed open just a little longer in the day!

Best cafe Bean Roasted Kiama in wollongong for 2016

Walked into Bean Roasted Kiama for the first time in a month and the lads remember my order. Only got to read a couple of headlines before they had my coffee ready to go. Coffee at this Bean Roasted is reliably awesome. Champions.

Awesome cafe conveniently located on the main Street out of the main activity

Campos goodness tucked away on the south coast. Smashed out a latte, ho-cho and b-cino. Can't complain.




Best cafe Sifters in wollongong for 2016

Consistent and medium strong coffee. Its in a convenient spot and great to sit outdoors and enjoy the sun with a brew.


Glass Alley


Best cafe Glass Alley in wollongong for 2016

In my top 5 for full body and strong flavour in the area. A bit slow on service, and not at a busy time. Worth a try.

Great coffee and nice lane to sit in. I often find the service a bit impersonal, like you are ordering from a food court counter instead of a cafe. Delicious muffins with great favours.

Best cafe Bread, Espresso & in wollongong for 2016

Coffee consistently good - so much so that it can be a bit of a wait on weekends. A lot more GF food options now - great to sit in the garden now too

Best cafe Beast & Bread in wollongong for 2016

Really enthusiastic and interesting group of people - the coffee is great and the food is delicious. Would highly recommend for a quick coffee or to eat in as well! Thank you!

great espresso, our favourite spot for their super tasty healthy food, always top service. make a special trip (worth it) or pop in while shopping

Best cafe The Hungry Monkey in wollongong for 2016

Was pleased to find the Hungry Monkey open for coffee at 5pm on a Wednesday. Coffees were nicely prepared and tasted strong, but were easy to drink. Well worth the visit.

We were staying in Kiama for the weekend and enjoyed the food and coffee so much we ate here both mornings! Great coffee, yummy breakfast and lovely staff/service. Would eat here again, and recommend.

We were staying in Kiama for the weekend and enjoyed the food and coffee so much we ate here both mornings! Great coffee, yummy breakfast and lovely staff/service. Would eat here again, and recommend.


lee and me


Best cafe lee and me in wollongong for 2016

This is the weekday regular. 10/10 for 7 years and going strong 💪


Bean Roasted


Best cafe Bean Roasted in wollongong for 2016

Consistently good coffee when the guys were there. New girls are slow and not consistent.

Consistently good brew. I grab a takeaway most mornings. SPOILT to have this cafe in the village. Excellent coffee, great staff, and generous owner who gives back to local community through fund raising initiatives. Also, interior styling is good with regular small additions...sucker for a great space.

So true coffeeguru, I was wondering the same...I've never had a bad coffee here! Drink on coffee lovers!!!