Top Cafes of 2016 - Wollongong

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Wollongong, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Delano Specialty Coffee in wollongong for 2016

Delicious specialty coffee and simple delicious food from the premier specialty coffee roaster on the south coast

Best served coffee in Wollongong, great service, relaxing atmosphere. It’s in a factory area so it’s out of the way but convenient if you’re driving into the Gong without the parking hassle.

Awesome Colombian washed Single Origin Espresso and sweet, balanced piccolo on the House Blend to finish. Tasty raw treats as well

Best cafe Opus Coffee Brewers in wollongong for 2016

Great little nook in The Gong, super friendly service, great coffee and tasteful menu. 👍🏼👍🏼

Espresso on Columbian from Sample had a green grape sweetness and acidity. Was let down somewhat by a bitter ending. Really enjoyed FW to-go - good temp and texture, and a nutty taste. First visit, will try again.


The Broken Drum

Fairy Meadow

Best cafe The Broken Drum in wollongong for 2016

Very good coffee, small but interesting range of nibbles. Nice people.

Great find while travelling through Fairy Meadow. Coffee was on point


Village Fix


Best cafe Village Fix in wollongong for 2016

Simply phenomenal. I came in for a long black, I’ve been around black coffee my entire life, and was lead to believe campos was the best coffee to look out for, but I’ll think again! It is the best cup of coffee I’ve had to date, and Byron Bay Coffee Co is my equal favourite blend along with St.Alli, and hats off to the owner (Anthony I believe his name is from these reviews) he was outstanding, he was enthusiastic to tell me a bit about his coffee, but he was focused and you could see just sitting there how popular he was with the customers that walked in. The set up in there with the furniture and multifaceted food menu was incredible. The most amazing vibe I’ve ever had at a coffee shop. And finally I’ll add just how much this man deserves his #1 coffee in the Village title, my expectation was high, and being a bean roasted customer I kind of thought this place was the enemy, but this man has more knowledge and commitment to coffee in my opinion, and he thoroughly deserves his praise. I seen a tradie come in about lunch time, and Anthony was sitting down having his lunch by now with a coffee, the man wanted a Latte with 2 sugars or something, and Anthony got up from what he was doing, just to make the shot for this coffee as he was doing all day, just so consistency was there for ANY coffee drinker that walked in, whether it be black, white or even tea. The other barista (Dylan) is in the most fantastic hands and is already outstanding with his knowledge, I can see how much time and effort Anthony must be putting into him and I can trust anyone on the coffee machine there as I now know just how particular Anthony is about his work, outstanding my friend. Can’t disagree with your #1 praises all around the Village, you deserve even more credit!!

The best in the area as far as I have tried. My latte had a distinct Choc-hazelnut body with subtle rum-raisin finish. In a location with so many competing cafes I see this one being the one that rises to the top for serious coffee drinkers.

Excellent coffee. Good strength, body and well balanced flavor. Well done.


Swell Coffee


Best cafe Swell Coffee in wollongong for 2016

Best cafe Bean Roasted Kiama in wollongong for 2016

Coffee was alright but I’ve had much better Campos coffee at Penny Whistler in Kiama (next door to the Sebel hotel). I’m no coffee expert but for some reason, these guys up the street just don’t seem to be able to get it tasting as good. The Campos coffee at Penny Whistler tastes nuttier and less dirty. I’ve been here a few times now and it’s the same result each time Ah well, back to Penny Whistler next school holidays.

Legit coffee. They run three different single origins including a filter roast. Was speaking to the owner last week and they've been with Campos for over 8 years. I visited their store in Shellharbour a few months back and this was just as good! I've heard they've got a store in Calderwood Valley now too which I must try. Super friendly and knowledgable staff and a nice vibe in the sun. Very popular with the locals.




Best cafe Sifters in wollongong for 2016


Glass Alley


Best cafe Glass Alley in wollongong for 2016

Best cafe Beast & Bread in wollongong for 2016

Awesome coffee and best quality Almond Milk (Milk LAB). My new favourite place in the Gong.

Best cafe The Hungry Monkey in wollongong for 2016

Coffee was nice just not warm enough. Would recommend for great food, service.

Awesome popular little cafe. Coffee was good and the banana bread was very tasty.


lee and me


Best cafe lee and me in wollongong for 2016

Exceptional coffee and service. 👌if I’m in Wollongong I’d go here over any other and Bean Roasted down south. Both are great places to get a good Campos coffee!

Great cafe centrally located in Crown Street, serving Campos coffee which is always a favourite, highly recommended.


Bean Roasted


Best cafe Bean Roasted in wollongong for 2016

Always a nice batch brew here! Great coffee! Should do coconut milk.

Blown away by the personal service once again. Amity and Nhyree are a true asset to Bean Roasted and they both make a great batch brew ☕️👌

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