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reviewed Symposium Cafe

5 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

Off the bat Symposium isn't your normally high end specialty coffee houses. But this place has character it's small, unique and chilled out you almost feel a sense of relief stepping in the place. We pulled up on Sunday morning and were greeted by probably the fittest wait person in Australia whose was happy to accommodate us for a quick coffee. Beyond the cake cabinet was pre-loved synesso accompanied by a couple of Robar E's. We ordered piccolos, ristretto's and surprisingly we weren't kept waiting as you can do in some cafes. Symposium serves coffee roasted by Veneziano and it was good, our piccolos were very earthy and full flavoured with big cocoa notes but that's where it stopped. Though the flavours were basic it was in actual fact made well. The thing to remember is that Symposium is not a specialty coffee house but it serves up consistent cups, my biggest grudge was that on my first visit I didn't stay for breakfast but I wasn't so naive the second time, brekky at this place is amazingly outstanding and the fact I could have a coffee I enjoyed was the icing on the cake. Symposium just does it all decent coffee, mind blowing food and relaxed great service, it's to bad the majority of other cafes around Brisbane haven't taken a leaf out of Symposium's book but then again this is way they are so popular.

reviewed Grindhouse Specialty Coffee

5 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

If first impressions are all you need then Grindhouse fits the bill, wall to wall heshen coffee sacks - check, funky alley way setup - check, LaMarzocco at the helm - check and enter. The space is very casual and gives off the feel of a hidden coffee oasis and this is just the tip of the iceberg. At the heart of Grindhouse is their own signature blend comprising of P.N.G Kimmel Estate, Guatemala Antigua Acate, Colombian Supremo Bachue, and Zambian Terranova Estate the result is a rich earthy cup of goodness with chocolaty under tones balanced with a little acid and ripe-ish dried fruit finish. They also serve two single origins, which I opted to try the Ethiopian Limu as a piccolo, which was well balanced floral and creamy. Then there is the Cafe's unlikely X factor Bob (the guy with rock star long hair and glasses), a coffee expert who doesn't come with the pompous barista attitude whose knowledge makes the experience that much more. These guys and gals aren't just the best place in Stone Corner their up there with the best. Excitingly they plan to open up a new venture in the near future where they'll be roasting their own beans. Definitely a space to keep a very close eye on....

reviewed Uncle Joe's Coffee House

5 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

Now there is a good reason why these boys are being showered with delightful comments and admiration, their dam good operators. Mark and Adam share a dying passion for coffee; not only are they roasting their own stuff and they are meticulous about what they bring in. This is the norm for the bigger players in Brisbane (Driftwood, Cup espresso, Dramanti just to name a few), Mark is like an encyclopedia of specialty coffee and is somewhat a filter coffee genius. As I was in a bit of a rush I turned down an aeropress and just went for a latte and finished with a doppio of their blens Supafly. In the milk the coffee produced soft subtle flavours of chocolate, soft caramelised peach and finished clean. The espresso was bright, high acidity, with a creamy coco undertone. These gents really deliver a personal coffee experience and it makes going there a fresh new experience every time.

reviewed Roost

5 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

Roost is a new little retro styled cafe slash bar that looks very inviting from the outside. Now usually when I walk past something that looks like a bar I mostly don't bother to check out their coffee and for the most part this way of thinking serves me pretty well. Roost serve coffees which are roasted by the guys from Cup and Supreme roasters, which basically means if you were to any where for coffee in Kelvin Grove this would be your first obvious choice. Unfortunately the operator doesn't do the product justice, I order flat white, piccolo and espresso, the coffees were "OK" but nothing to write home about giving up mild coca and dark berry flavours with no sweetness, deepth or complexity. But still the best thing going around in Kelvin Grove.

reviewed Café Pronto

5 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

Now I promised myself I would write a review, I'm not a big fan of these sites and quite frankly after 10 years in coffee roasting, making espresso and dabbling in competition I just don't trust the average city coffee drinker to know what their actually on about. That said I finally got to Dramanti on ann st and I was ready for the usually disappointment but what was waiting for was a journey in espresso godliness. To average unassuming (tall, bloody giant more like it) dudes were smashing out cupfuls of thick, creamy, fruitful tasting deliciousness. They have recently won several awards at the Sydney Fine Food Show including a silver medal for their house blend "hit me baby" and I assure you it's worth gold. If you love coffee then you already know about this place and you have never been then obviously you don't.

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