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reviewed Phin Coffee

7 reviews · 3 years ago

Spectacular cafe - every coffee brew method you can think of, plus inventive signature drinks! It can be tricky to find but well worth the search for their new spacious location. Lovely decor and chilled vibes, along with super friendly staff and cafe dog. The owner is a coffee enthusiast with passion for it all; from roasting and blending local beans, to 'inventing' new drinks. The standard brew methods were spot on; of those I tried a latte, cold drip and syphon - the cold brew was especially brilliant. The popular Vietnamese coconut coffee at Phin Coffee puts every other I've tried to shame. I was so impressed the owner even shared his insights for how he makes it so well. The two unique coffees only seen at Phin are a yogurt-coffee shake (like a cocktail), and a lime cold brew. The yogurt coffee makes for a delicious, filling and rich breakfast drink, while the lime brew was amazingly balanced and refreshing. Between the passion for coffee at Phin and every delicious drink it's a must-go in Hoi An.

reviewed Saigon Coffee Roastery

7 reviews · 3 years ago

Not only one of the best coffees in Saigon, but one of the best I've ever had. Beautiful coffee gear, excellent roasted beans and delicious coffee. Don't be put off by the location - the roastery is on the second floor of a mostly unoccupied building, but well worth the search.

reviewed Soldier On

7 reviews · 6 years ago

Great little cafe with friendly staff - got a latte brewed with beans from a local roastery. The drink was well balanced and tasty, though maybe a tad mild.

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