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reviewed Josie North

20 reviews · 7 followers · 4 years ago

These guys kill it, best batch brew in Brisbane by far, definitely the best place to get through days at uni. Would be sick to see them feature some local roasters as well but other then that can't fault these guys 👏👏

reviewed Cup From Above

20 reviews · 7 followers · 6 years ago

Went in for one of their single origin Saturdays and it was awesome, seriously good coffee and I love that they are exposing more of the community to single origin coffees. Also the work they do for the community makes it a go to place.

reviewed Campos Coffee Gasworks

20 reviews · 7 followers · 6 years ago

The atmosphere is pretty ordinary but the service was really good, the guy who served us was friendly and made sure we got our order promptly. Coffee was pretty damn good, one of the best Kenyan single origins I've had in a while. Generally not a huge campos fan but I would definitely go back. Tables and chairs could do with an upgrade as they seemed very McCafe like.

reviewed Bonsai Botanika

20 reviews · 7 followers · 6 years ago

What a cool place! You really can't walk past without wanting to go in and check it out. I didn't order anything to eat, but was looking forward to trying a coffee from such a beautiful machine. Felt like it was a bit stingy that they had 30cent surcharge on expos under $15 and extras seemed expensive but other then this service was ok. Once the coffee arrived I was seriously let down though, honestly the most poorly textured milk I've ever had, which I could tell straight away from the frankly hilarious attempt at latte art on the top. Would be happy to go back and just sit in the shop it is so cool It you never grab coffee from there again

reviewed The Woolloongabba Social Club

20 reviews · 7 followers · 6 years ago

Had some seriously high expectations on cup coffee and I have to admit, the coffee was up to standard. Wow such perfectly textured milk, smooth espresso and beautiful flavour notes. After tasting this, I was excited to buy some of there coffee to experience it at home. So much to my annoyance, when I got home I realised the coffee I had bough was 3 weeks old. Was disappointed because I would expect coffee roasted on site would be nice and fresh. But oh well, if I'm in the area I'll still definitely go again!

reviewed The Boiler Room Cafe

20 reviews · 7 followers · 6 years ago

I found this cafe by accident and thought I might give it a shot. What a mistake! Couldn't have been a more dead cafe if they tried, such a horrible atmosphere and the service was so poor that I was tempted to leave without my food or coffee. I just felt like I was a chore for them and that they would rather me have not shown up (and judging by the fact that there was no one else there I would have thought they would've greeted me with open arms!) The coffee was above average, but in all honesty it takes skill to make a bad coffee out of campos beans. I just don't understand why anyone would go here with cleanskin just 100 meters away.

reviewed Cleanskin Coffee Co

20 reviews · 7 followers · 6 years ago

Loving near cleanskin, I can't believe I had never been to check it out. When I was greeted by the smell of roasting coffee and a portafilter door handle I knew I was going to like this place. I only had time to have a pour over but wow, the amount of flavour they extracted from the Ethiopian SO was incredible! Didn't have time to properly let it cool but it was still great. The barista there Alex was super friendly and more then happy to have a chat. Will no doubt be back!

reviewed Dandelion & Driftwood

20 reviews · 7 followers · 6 years ago

I know it's almost impossible to add anything of substance to D&D's already incredible reputation, so all I can say is wow. This place is not just a coffee shop , this place sells an experience that transcends any beanhunter score. I will be back without a doubt to indulge in this experience again!

reviewed Slightly Twisted Espresso Lounge

20 reviews · 7 followers · 6 years ago

It's always hard to find a good place to get coffee on a weekend afternoon, and this is where slightly twisted comes in. Customer service was great , with the manager (?) bringing out a water bowl for my dog as soon as I arrived. The coffee wasn't to bad, typical South American blend by elixir, and the same typical flavour notes. The food yet again wasn't to bad, considering the limited cooking space they have. All up I think not too bad is a good way to describe slightly twisted. I would go back if I was in the area but wouldn't go out of my way to get there.

reviewed Two Cups

20 reviews · 7 followers · 6 years ago

Atmosphere and customer service were lacking (got a very icy stare from the lady behind the counter as I walked in) but good coffee makes up for all. Very nicely pulled shot and was very impressed to see the group heads being cleaned before making my espresso. It's the little things that count though and a random assortment of photos, coupled with near empty fridges and shelves doesn't give a very welcoming vibe. Lucky for the good coffee!

reviewed Bold Coffee

20 reviews · 7 followers · 6 years ago

Initial impression: I feel as though they are forcing the Melbourne hipster coffee vibe a little bit to hard. Especially with the music playing in the background (boy and bear). Otherwise customer service is great, with the lady at the counter having an incredibly warm smile. Single origin: Being an Kenya SO, a thick crema is expected. Beautiful caramel notes with a sweetness that is surprising. Really bold punchy and all round beautiful coffee. Regular blend (Saint blend): Beautiful body, definitely one of the creamiest shots I have ever had. However I feel as if the shot has been slightly over extracted as I am getting strong bitter notes that are dominating all the flavours. Even though I can still get notes of a berry acidity. Lovely experience for a cafe so far from the city and it does cleanskin coffee very proud. Will definitely be visiting again!

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