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reviewed Mr Brownstone

87 reviews · 3 followers · 3 years ago

Firstly, awful service. Dismissive demeanour, clearly annoyed that we interrupted the conversation to order coffee. Get a grip. Secondly, the milk was way way way way too hot. It took 10 minutes in Melbourne winter to cool to the right temperature to drink. Once cooled, it was actually a fantastic coffee, hence my 7/10 (which could’ve easily been 9/10). Don’t waste your time - Melbourne has better purveyors of beans and milk to bother with this joint.

reviewed The Proprietor

87 reviews · 3 followers · 5 years ago

Overall, not great. Disappointing coffee - milky as shit. We waited about 25 minutes from being seated to getting a coffee. It's just too long. Nice outdoor seating zone rescued this fairly poor experience. The snacks (muffins, lemon meringue mini tart etc. looked amazing, but weren't on the food list. I see what they're trying to do, but it's just haven't executed. Does that make me an uppity Sydney wanker? Yes. Yes it does.

reviewed Sado

87 reviews · 3 followers · 6 years ago

The previous reviews are old. Perhaps they were fair at the time, but I think this cafe needs a second look. They have great equipment, good baristas and a happy attitude. Most importantly, they do good coffee. Very good coffee. Quick and courteous team. Honestly, I don't know what else you'd want from a cafe.

reviewed Coffee Beans Rococo

87 reviews · 3 followers · 7 years ago

A sight for caffeine addicts everywhere. Reminds me of something I've been to in Wahroonga, NSW. Lots of coffee options, well presented. We ordered double shot lattes and it was still a little subtle for my taste. I guess after triple shot naked at Streamer Espresso, Osaka everything seems weak. A nice find :)

reviewed Lee Dong Woo Coffee

87 reviews · 3 followers · 7 years ago

Returned with some friends. I've revised my opinion for two reasons: 1. The coffee was great, but not astonishing this time. Extremely good, but not the messiah brew offset visit. 2. It's so bright! Definitely not mood-lit. I wouldn't take a date there for fear of (me) being ugly under the lights. Dimmers please! On balance, I still say this is the best coffee shop in the world. However, even the best cannot be perfect.

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