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reviewed Kaffabar

11 reviews · 3 years ago

This place is 10/10! Had a next level aeropress filtered coffee, the service was literally amazing, great atmosphere, gorgeous interior, pet-friendly and pro-vegan vibes, professional staff. I would return def!

reviewed Addicted2caffeine

11 reviews · 5 years ago

Perfection! The baristas are super helpful and have extended knowledge of coffee, easy to get recommendations if you do not have a clue what specialty coffee is, the drinks are always full of taste, good location also.

reviewed Madal Cafe

11 reviews · 5 years ago

Great specialty coffee place in every aspect: professional barista staff, big variety of good quality coffee, tea, chocolate, not to mention the cool yet cosy and relaxing atmosphere. I feel like at home in here, 10/10!

reviewed Fekete

11 reviews · 5 years ago

Had a wonderful rice milk latte in December 2014. Huge pro that the staff is so talkative and professional, there is almost no place to sit during the cold months because the place is so small.

reviewed Tamp and Pull

11 reviews · 5 years ago

The staff is well-trained and knows everything concerning coffee so you could ask them about everything they most likely going to have an answer to it! I had a rice milk latte, it is a pity that there is so little demand for dairy-free milk that you have to pay extra money for milk alternatives.

reviewed My Little Melbourne

11 reviews · 5 years ago

Australia-inspired speciality coffee place first of its own kind, pioneer-like. I've been there several times, mostly enjoyed their coffee with plantbased milk (as they have great variety) such as latte and cappucino. The drinks were okay, the staff is professional, the place is too crowded for my liking most of the times though.

reviewed Printa

11 reviews · 5 years ago

Generally recommended for its shop also when it comes to good coffee-places in the city. Tried an espresso, had slightly lemon-y aftertaste. They had Guatemalan coffee which comes from the next-door handmade roastery named Blue Bird. Asked for plantbased milk options but there were none. The service is very welcoming and helpful.

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