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reviewed Atlas

369 reviews · 11 followers · 5 days ago

Good coffee without being exceptional. Took a while to prepare our piccolos and when they arrived they looked good, the temperature was good and the taste was strongish but could have been smoother on the back of the throat. Aftertaste lingered and was ok.

reviewed Cafe63

369 reviews · 11 followers · 7 days ago

Dropped in for piccolos mid afternoon and was delighted with the quality from essentially a food cafe servicing Woolies customers. Coffee was served in ceramic cups, was a good temperature and tasted pretty good. Four of us dropped in the next morning for breakfast along with many others. Three piccolos were served in cardboard cups while the mug of long black was served in a ceramic mug. The piccolos were just a little better than ordinary and mine was spilled and left to me to clean up.

reviewed Pineapple Express

369 reviews · 11 followers · 7 days ago

It’s a take away Campos coffee station with some outside seating and located near the Woolworths front door. My piccolo was prepared quickly and up to the usual Campos standard although could have been a couple of degrees hotter.

reviewed Two Birds One Stone

369 reviews · 11 followers · 14 days ago

Called in for piccolos and lunch. Piccolos were ok but based on reviews we expected more. As non Melbournians we have noticed that many Melbourne coffees have a particular taste which seems acidic and Two Birds fits into this category. We both tried the specials for lunch and my duck pasta was excellent.

reviewed The Final Step

369 reviews · 11 followers · 14 days ago

Visited three times over three days and got the same barista twice. Both baristas prepared superb piccolos in good sized ceramic cups. Presentation and taste were all consistently excellent. Particularly liked that as we entered on our second time with first barista he remembered us and knew our coffee choice.

reviewed The Coffee Pedlar

369 reviews · 11 followers · 17 days ago

Saw the sign on the highway and looked up the reviews and then headed in to Gundagai to try the coffee. It’s apparently the second offering after Tumut and it’s certainly better than anything along the highway at Gundagai. Coffees were nicely prepared using Fish Rosters Coffee and had a strong taste. Not quite to my taste but my partner thought the taste was excellent. Good range of pastries too and we enjoyed the lemon slice.

reviewed 7 beans coffee

369 reviews · 11 followers · a month ago

Surprisingly empty cafe at 8:30 on a Tuesday morning and we wondered about coffee quality. We needn’t have bothered, the barista was very pleasant, he made two excellent piccolos and went out of his way to bring us iced water without us having to ask. Can see why its number 1 in Echuca.

reviewed Doc Yarrum Cafe

369 reviews · 11 followers · a month ago

Actually located on the corner of Sanger and River and the awning simply says Docs. Doc Yarrum is Murray Cod backwards, hence the large drawing of a Murray Cod over the door. Our piccolos were excellent - served in ceramic cups and nicely prepared. We also shared some cake which was delicious.

reviewed Cibo Glenelg

369 reviews · 11 followers · a month ago

Popped in for coffees around 10 pm on the TDU Glenelg Street party night. Huge crowd all along Jetty Road and CIBO was full and buzzing. Notwithstanding this we quickly found seating and put our orders in. Equally quickly our buzzer went off and we collected our four coffees. My piccolo was excellent - look, taste and temperature were spot on. A nice way to conclude our time at the street party.

reviewed Mr Nicks Kitchen and Coffee Bar

369 reviews · 11 followers · a month ago

Decided to try the specialty coffee shop inside the Pasadena Foodland and very pleased with the result. It’s set amid the supermarkets restaurants and bakery with plenty of seating. We ordered coffees and pastries from the baker and all were delivered to our table quickly. My piccolo was nicely prepared and tasted good - a good medium roast.

reviewed Goodness Coffee

369 reviews · 11 followers · a month ago

Stopped in Aldinga to watch the TDU and tried Goodness Coffee. Glad we did as our piccolos were excellent and notwithstanding the crowd we were quickly seated and served. The cafe is located in a rustic building and has a lovely vibe.

reviewed Coffee Factory Cafe

369 reviews · 11 followers · a month ago

On a busy Sunday morning due to the Tour Down Under Stage being nearby we still found it easy to get parking and a free table. Order was taken quickly and coffees soon followed. Three piccolos and a small flat white we’re all very good. Nice taste, right temperature and looked good. Will certainly be back.

reviewed Bean Machine

369 reviews · 11 followers · a month ago

Along with thousands of others finishing the Adelaide Advertiser cycle challenge in Strathalbyn we went looking for coffee. The bean machine looked the goods and notwithstanding the crowds around we were quickly seated and our order was taken shortly afterwards. Within a short space of time our three piccolos and a large flat white were delivered to our table and they were excellent. The beans were Riocoffee and the baristas used them to turn out nice reasonably strong coffees.

reviewed rubys organic cafe

369 reviews · 11 followers · a month ago

Three of us ordered piccolos and service was quick and efficient. The piccolos looked good, were a tad on the hot side but still very drinkable. Taste was on the strong side which we liked and the coffee left a nice after taste once finished.

reviewed Red Cacao

369 reviews · 11 followers · a month ago

Despite Beanhunter and their website saying they were open we arrived to find Red Cacao closed and a sing on the door advising that they were closed for several weeks and reopening late January. Would have been nice if same info posted on their website!

Red Cacao's Avatar'

Red Cacao

a month ago

Hello Steve. We are sorry that you should feel the need to damage our business so heavily due only to the fact that we are on our annual 2 week break which we do every year. We are a small family run and operated business and like everyone (yourself included are most likely currently on holiday!?) require some time to recover and recuperate so we can continue to deliver the exceptional coffee and service that we are famous for and you your self love and have previously reviewed here on Bean Hunter. some 3 years prior. If you can not respect anothers need for a rest and holiday then i wish you the best of luck through life. Enjoy the TDU!

reviewed Coffee Journey

369 reviews · 11 followers · a month ago

Our piccolos were served in cups and as a result they overfilled the milk resulting in a slightly milky piccolo. Indications were that with less milk would have been fine coffees. Service was good and banana bread was delicious.

reviewed Blk.mlk Specialty Coffee

369 reviews · 11 followers · a month ago

A year since my last visit to Mildura on our way to Adelaide and once again dropped in for Saturday morning piccolos. Not quite the bustling atmosphere experienced last year but still quite popular. Coffees were served in ceramic coffee cups rather than glasses but the quantity was spot on and coffee was delicious.

reviewed The Blessed Bean

369 reviews · 11 followers · a month ago

My partner and I had piccolos and they were nice without being exceptional. We stop here on trips to Adelaide and the coffee was not as good as on previous visits. While there we overheard a conversation indicating that the business had changed owners a few months back which may explain the change. We also purchased some sandwiches to go and they were delicious once we stopped to eat them!

reviewed 4th Seed

369 reviews · 11 followers · 2 months ago

Nice place to break a bike ride on a Saturday morning. Piccolos were nicely presented and tasted good. Right mix of coffee to milk in small ceramic cups. Quick food choices were limited but banana bread was tasty.although could have been more generous with the butter.

reviewed Kinky Lizard

369 reviews · 11 followers · 2 months ago

Went to Kinky Lizard for breakfast and coffee. My breakfast of a bacon eggs Benedict was supposed to be served on an English muffin according to the menu but came on a bread roll which detracted from the breakfast a little. The coffees we ordered got lost in service and the heads were dispersing by they time they arrived. Also served in short black ceramic cups which reduced the usual piccolo volume by about a third. Notwithstanding this the coffee tasted very good.

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