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reviewed Booknook & Bean

440 reviews · 13 followers · 25 days ago

B&B has a coffee tent at WOMAD again this year and it became our go to place for our Magic’s. Our swipe card after the four day event indicated that we had many Magic’s over the time we were there and every one was poured to perfection notwithstanding that they were served in cardboard cups. Service was first class and the tent set up contributed to a great atmosphere!

reviewed Miss 5048

440 reviews · 13 followers · 25 days ago

First time back in two years and pleased to find that great coffee is being prepared there once again. My partner and I had Magic’s which were well prepared and tasted excellent. Our friends had skinny lattes which looked milky but which was just what they were after. It’s a busy place and staff were friendly and very helpful.

reviewed CREAM

440 reviews · 13 followers · a month ago

First time back since they changed the layout to a more open style coffee shop come food joint. Service was ok but nothing memorable, atmosphere was lacking perhaps due to how it’s opened up to the street and coffee was ordinary, perhaps due in part to them getting ready to close for the day at 1:45pm. Our Magic’s were luke warm and tasted really strong. Overall really disappointing!

reviewed Folks Gallery

440 reviews · 13 followers · 2 months ago

It’s almost a year since Folkes opened and I did my review. Since then it’s become my regular and most recently my partner and I have changed from piccolos to magics and we are both loving them. Campos coffee served in small Huskee reusable cups.

reviewed Duatti

440 reviews · 13 followers · 2 months ago

It’s been a couple of years since my last review and I was pleased to see the coffee was excellent. They use Campos and the taste was excellent. My piccolo looked good, tasted good and was the right temperature.

reviewed Crumb Cafe

440 reviews · 13 followers · 2 months ago

Called in two days running. First for lunch and second for breakfast. Food was excellent both times but coffees were up and down. My piccolo on first day was excellent and on day two we both had piccolos and agreed that they were fairly ordinary leaving a burnt taste in the mouth. We think we had different baristas on each occasion.

reviewed El Gordo

440 reviews · 13 followers · 2 months ago

We went for coffee and breakfast and both were great. My piccolo and my partners magic were spot on - temperature, preparation, taste were all excellent. I had eggs hurveos for breakfast and they were superbly prepared and delicious to eat. Well worth a breakfast visit made even better by the delightful young man that served us.

reviewed B3

440 reviews · 13 followers · 2 months ago

Coffee had a sour taste and our piccolos were served in black recyclable coffee cups which resulted in the volume of coffee seeming to be about 2/3 of a normal piccolo. B3 is seemingly also a shop that serves take sways before sit down customers which meant we had a long wait for our coffees. We left disappointed after the hype we got from friends.

reviewed Bonobo Espresso

440 reviews · 13 followers · 2 months ago

About a year since last visit and we arrived during morning peak hour. Ordered a piccolo and a magic and the latter was served in a piccolo glass and was a double shot piccolo - a bit strong but apparently nicely prepared and very drinkable. My piccolo was excellent and very easy to drink. Great service and look forward to returning again.

reviewed Coffylosophy

440 reviews · 13 followers · 3 months ago

Four of us visited on a Sunday afternoon and ordered a variety of coffee styles. My piccolo was pretty good although it could have been warmer. Feedback from others were they enjoyed their flat white, latte and magic respectively.

reviewed Red Cacao

440 reviews · 13 followers · 3 months ago

Stopped here on our way into Adelaide and had tasting platters - a coffee with two matching chocolates. My partner thought her piccolo was superb whereas mine tasted as if it was slightly burned. Chocolates were excellent but I’m not sure they helped with appreciating the coffee.

reviewed Brother Pablo

440 reviews · 13 followers · 3 months ago

Ordered piccolos and were delighted with service and the coffees. They were served in ceramic espresso cups and were a bit small, but otherwise looked and tasted very good. Easily the best coffees we had in Shepparton.

reviewed Noble Monks

440 reviews · 13 followers · 3 months ago

Based on recent reviews we concluded they have morning and evening baristas. Our piccolos were okay but could have been better. Textured milk was thin, coffee needed to be 5 degrees warmer but taste was okay. Accompanying dinners were excellent and overall we enjoyed the experience.

reviewed The Weekend Local

440 reviews · 13 followers · 3 months ago

Saturday lunchtime in a small town and the coffee is delicious. Two piccolos which looked good, albeit very dark and suggesting very strong. But in fact not strong at all and very smooth. Will certainly return for coffee when next in the area.

reviewed Merchant & Maker McCrae

440 reviews · 13 followers · 3 months ago

Great place for coffee and food. We had Magic’s and they were very well prepared and tasted delicious. We arrived about 30 minutes before the advertised closing time and no problems with also getting a late lunch which was quickly prepared and very tasty.

reviewed SOS Cafe

440 reviews · 13 followers · 3 months ago

Great to find it open after 4pm and service was friendly and helpful. Ordered Magics and lucky the person serving us knew what they were as not on the menu nor on the cash register presets. Magics looked more like long blacks but tasted nice, albeit very strong.

reviewed Boosa

440 reviews · 13 followers · 3 months ago

Service was quick and efficient on a busy Christmas Eve. Our coffees, a piccolo and a magic, were nicely prepared, a good temperature and a delight to drink. We also had mini doughnuts with Turkish delight, strawberry cheesecake cream and pistachio crumbs and they were delicious. Well worth the visit!

reviewed Coffee Pedaler

440 reviews · 13 followers · 5 months ago

We stopped for a regular long black and a piccolo. Notwithstanding being given a number when we ordered my coffee partner got asked if he ordered a long black and his yes got him a coffee which was then spilled over his leg. 5 minutes later a different serving person brought out our order. My piccolo looked and tasted good and was the right temperature. So one good coffee and one that was made ordinary by the service ,

reviewed Cafe Enzo

440 reviews · 13 followers · 6 months ago

Four of us went for morning coffee and ended up with scones, jam and cream too. We had a variety of coffees including my piccolo. Initial taste wasn’t positive but by the second sip I was enjoying the coffee and looking forward to the scones which turned out to be delicious, the other three all were quite happy with their coffees too.

reviewed the Bunker

440 reviews · 13 followers · 6 months ago

Four of us dropped in for coffee and lunch. Coffee was Vitoria and my partner and I ordered piccolos. They came in the small Vitoria glasses and initial impression was the coffee was very strong and bitter, but stirring the coffee improved the taste and we enjoyed the coffees. Lunch was nicely prepared and we all appreciated our choices.

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