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reviewed Grit cafe/ Delano coffee

392 reviews · 12 followers · 2 days ago

Popped in for breakfast we were surprised at how spacious it was inside. Ordering was easy and range was excellent. We ordered piccolos and quickly received half full glass cups promoting Vittoria coffee. The coffee looked good, had a nice texture but could have been a little stronger. My accompanying banana bread with ricotta, honey and strawberries was delicious. We’re looking forward to our next visit.

reviewed Coffee Anthology

392 reviews · 12 followers · 16 days ago

Took two tries to get in on a Saturday morning but it was worth it. Three of us tried Daddy’s Girl blend which we all agreed was excellent. Our fourth tried the Columbian blend which tasted as per the tasting notes, macerated strawberries was the defining taste. Not to my taste after having a sip, but our fourth said it went well with her chocolate slice.

reviewed Farmers Daughter

392 reviews · 12 followers · a month ago

Have tried the coffee twice in recent months and was disappointed. Not sure if they are still using Lonsdale Roasters but the coffees were warm at best and left no lasting taste memories. Food seems to have lost its edge too and we left feeling that it’s no longer worth the visit.

reviewed Edgars

392 reviews · 12 followers · a month ago

Another year has passed and I now regularly drink piccolos at Edgar’s. Coffees are usually nicely presented with temperature often also spot on, although occasionally only warm. Being able to get a coffee all day and into the evening is a bonus.

reviewed Sfoglia

392 reviews · 12 followers · a month ago

It’s three years since my last review and during this time I’ve been a regular visitor and consumer of piccolos. During the week coffees are usually very well prepared and are a delight to drink. Weekend visits can be hit and miss with coffees prepared by a variety of staff resulting in coffees ranging from warm to hot and from very strong to spot on.

reviewed 80/20

392 reviews · 12 followers · a month ago

My partner and I ordered piccolos and they were quickly prepared and served in ceramic cups. Cups were hot but coffee temp was spot on, around 65 degrees. Taste was smooth and quickly condumed.

reviewed Ronin

392 reviews · 12 followers · 2 months ago

Great coffee, good lunch and then great coffee again. Their piccolos looked good, tasted superb and would have been proudly served by any good Aussie coffee shop. Only downer was that specialty Singapore costs a fortune - anywhere from S$5 to $6.50 a coffee and Ronin was no exception.

reviewed le petit atelier

392 reviews · 12 followers · 2 months ago

The flat whites didn’t quite match up to expectations based on previous reviews. Initial impression as delivered was the coffees looked right but the taste was quite bitter. Lots of stirring and drinking water between sips and they tasted ok. Still was a lot beefed than most of the alternatives in Tours.

reviewed MOKUSKA Caffe

392 reviews · 12 followers · 2 months ago

Visited twice on the same day. We opted for flat whites both times as they do double shots and the coffee is not overpowered by the frothy milk. Tried the house blend in the morning and coffee was only luke warm but tasted good. In the afternoon we had the Guatemala blend which i really liked and this time it was also the right temperature, about 65 degrees.

reviewed D16 Specialty Coffee

392 reviews · 12 followers · 3 months ago

Recommended by our daughter we visited twice on our only day in Split. Coffee was superb and certainly left all other coffee we have had on the Croatian islands over the last week. The owner had listed all the usual types of espresso coffee other than piccolo or cortado, but when asked knew what a piccolo was and proceeded to produce excellent versions for both of us. On our second visit we came with friends who ordered a latte (looked like a flat white) and a herbal tea. All were happy with the quality but agreed the coffee was closer to 55 degrees and could have been a little hotter. All up though a very welcome experience in a coffee shop that could fit in anywhere in Australia’s capital cities.

reviewed 19grams

392 reviews · 12 followers · 3 months ago

This place lived up to its reviews which were a year old when we visited. We both had cortados (another name for piccolos) and they were prepared quickly and with good barista skills. Good temperature and nice aftertaste, we will be back.

reviewed Lil Miss Collins

392 reviews · 12 followers · 4 months ago

Saturday lunchtime and the place was doing ok without buzzing like its competitor next door. Service started a bit slow but picked up once lunch was ordered. Coffees were strong and quite nice on the pallet but the head was too airy. Food was superb.

reviewed Folks Gallery

392 reviews · 12 followers · 5 months ago

A new cafe and gallery hidden away on the ground floor of the new apartment building opposite the Buddha statue. Vincent the owner/barista is using Campos coffee plus a range of origin coffees. When we ordered piccolos he assumed we knew our coffee and he offered a choice from the origin coffees. We tried the Tanzanian for its chocolatey influences and he prepared two excellent piccolos, although perhaps with a hint of what we refer to as the peculiar Melbourne roast taste. Besides coffee Vincent only has some locally sourced pastries including delicious Portuguese tarts that we really enjoyed. He says he looking for a supplier to move into offering lunch as well.

reviewed Mullygrub

392 reviews · 12 followers · 5 months ago

Still serving coffees in ceramic cups and no mugs available. Flat white and latte looked the same and my piccolo was very milky due to the barista filling the cup to about 80% full. No thought this time about returning for a second cup.

reviewed Karma and Crow

392 reviews · 12 followers · 5 months ago

Served take away coffees while we waited 20 minutes for s table. 3 piccolos and a flat white were quickly prepared and served and tasted delicious. We removed our plastic lids before drinking and the coffees also looked well prepared. Lunch was excellent once we were seated. The crispy pork belly which two of us had were especially well received and fully devoured. My quaesadilla was also delicious.

reviewed Atlas

392 reviews · 12 followers · 6 months ago

Good coffee without being exceptional. Took a while to prepare our piccolos and when they arrived they looked good, the temperature was good and the taste was strongish but could have been smoother on the back of the throat. Aftertaste lingered and was ok.

reviewed Cafe63

392 reviews · 12 followers · 6 months ago

Dropped in for piccolos mid afternoon and was delighted with the quality from essentially a food cafe servicing Woolies customers. Coffee was served in ceramic cups, was a good temperature and tasted pretty good. Four of us dropped in the next morning for breakfast along with many others. Three piccolos were served in cardboard cups while the mug of long black was served in a ceramic mug. The piccolos were just a little better than ordinary and mine was spilled and left to me to clean up.

reviewed Pineapple Express

392 reviews · 12 followers · 6 months ago

It’s a take away Campos coffee station with some outside seating and located near the Woolworths front door. My piccolo was prepared quickly and up to the usual Campos standard although could have been a couple of degrees hotter.

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