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reviewed Merriweather

24 reviews · 6 followers · 3 years ago

Merriweather previously was head and shoulders above anything else in South Bank. Sadly this is not the case anymore. Coffee was passable but a far cry from what I have experienced before. A real shame, I suspect the ownership has changed hands.

reviewed No Name Lane

24 reviews · 6 followers · 5 years ago

Great cafe, I had a few flat whites and an espresso. All excellent although the flat whites where the stand out. This is the best example of black sheep coffee I have had. Good to see a popular cafe use a smaller roaster. If your in the area this place is well worth the visit.

reviewed Base Espresso

24 reviews · 6 followers · 5 years ago

Went here with the family for breakfast and coffee. Base is a fine example of Queensland specialty coffee. All our coffee was wonderfully prepared and the staff were knowledgeable. I must say the girl pouring with the pink hair had incredible latte art, great symmetry and heaps of skill across milks. Presentation is not everything but this was worth noting. Had a pour over Sidamo which was a perfect example of a natural Ethiopian, my flat white and espresso were smashing too. Great experience would recommend.

reviewed Crampton Social

24 reviews · 6 followers · 6 years ago

Great to have a place that serves quality coffee this close to home as we live in Ferny Hills. I had a couple of flat whites on the El Gordo (Brazil Natural , Columbian Supremo, Costa Rican Yellow Honey and a Kenyan). Both were smashing, good temp, well prepared espresso the Kenyan and the Costa were really well balanced in the cup. Will definitely be returning.

reviewed Deedot Coffee House

24 reviews · 6 followers · 6 years ago

I like this place. The coffee was good. The food was better. Great all round experience. I love the equipment and I like the Marks coffee from Uncle Joes. It was busy so sometimes it's hard to be perfect on days like that. The reason I would recommend this place is because it is clearly the best breakup and coffee combo in its area. Check it out.

reviewed Old Johns

24 reviews · 6 followers · 7 years ago

Great coffee served quickly, not a hugely exciting blend but tasted great and worked really well on milk. Not everyone does, but I like synessos I have always had lovely coffee from them and Old Johns was no exception. The coffee looked beautiful and was prepared extremely well. Food is great too. I would recommend to anyone if you are in the area.

reviewed Gramercy Espresso & Eats

24 reviews · 6 followers · 7 years ago

Cool place in the city, I am looking forward to getting into the coffees on the brew bar. The bean is Reuben Hills and whilst I found it a little hard to really appreciate as a flat white, as a long black it is really good. I will be back for food and a pour over.

reviewed The Single Guys

24 reviews · 6 followers · 7 years ago

This place rocks, the food was great and the coffee was better. I had a short black and a pic both on the single and they were excellently prepared and tastes fantastic. The fit out is minimalist but still warm. Great job guys.

reviewed Cleanskin Coffee Co

24 reviews · 6 followers · 7 years ago

I have always had good coffee at cleanskin. I am less pleased with the service and the austere fit out is not for me. Don't get me wrong I'd looks really cool but I fin it a bit bland and the echo inside is pretty loud. The service isn't always bad it is just a bit up and down.

reviewed The Tiller Coffee

24 reviews · 6 followers · 7 years ago

Went back again today. I had a flat white on the blend and a Honduran filter (my 3rd aeropress and 5th filter). I thoroughly enjoyed my flat white and it was prepared extremely well. If you are a filter fan I couldn't recommend this place more, Chris is meticulous and it show in the cup The service is always good and I find it to be a great place to spend a lazy morning. It just goes to show there is more to cafe than bubbles a shot and a bit of choc on top.

reviewed The Rogue Rennard

24 reviews · 6 followers · 8 years ago

Two flat whites, both prepared well, good temperature great flavour, quality latte art. Menu is small but well balanced I had a great meal and so did my wife. A bit hidden but not too hard to find. All round a great experience.

reviewed Brother Espresso (Wilston)

24 reviews · 6 followers · 8 years ago

Lovely fit out, staff were efficient and reasonably friendly. I ordered a flat white and my girlfriend ordered a cap. Fw was well prepared but coffee was a tad old still ok, the cap was unfortunately not great but again coffee was not as fresh as it should be. Still nice place cheap food and ok coffee not a bad local cafe. Have had better experiences at their valley store.

reviewed Grub Street

24 reviews · 6 followers · 8 years ago

Really great food, top class, the chef stix is the king of food I am pretty sure. The coffee can be ok, the beans are not the best and some of their Batistas are better than others. Great place to spend time though. Highly recommend having lunch there.

reviewed The Corner Store Cafe

24 reviews · 6 followers · 8 years ago

Really good food, and I have had a few different experiences with the coffee and they were all pretty darn good. The place looks so cool and it is a great place to spend heaps of time. Awesome cafe, oh and check out the Synesso they have it is pretty flipping sweet!

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