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reviewed Kopi Kiosk

10 reviews · 2 followers · 4 years ago

Cool little espresso bar in Sanur, Bali Using locally grown and roasted beans on rancillio equipment, they get all the basics right: on demand grinding, fair extraction, silky milk. No bitterness. Grind could come in a touch: short drop time and the shot blinded quickly. Slightly acidic but not sour, I'm guessing a pretty light roast. Cuts through milk fine. Quality little find.

reviewed Rush Roasting Co

10 reviews · 2 followers · 7 years ago

Aesthetically speaking, this cafe is fabulous. The room is dominated by a diedrich roaster and oozes a kind of urban-meets-country-charm. The coffee is good though the double rissy pic was a touch over-extracted. The service is sensational. Worth the drop in to lovely Bowral.

reviewed Bean Roasted Kiama

10 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

The very first thing I noticed upon entering Bean Roasted Kiama was a long list of rules. No one likes rules. UNLESS they're things like: no extra charge for babycinos, soy, decaf, skim, and corkage. You're free to bring your own food if you want, free to ask the staff for the changes you want, free to be, well, a customer. Impressive stuff. I don't need any of these extras but it speaks about attitude. Now to the coffee: absolutely outstanding. Sweet and spicy. Great milk texture. Friendly, easy going staff. Winner.

reviewed Coffee Guru Kiama

10 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

I'm not totally sure how to describe the aesthetic of this little shopping centre cafe in Kiama...somewhere between industrial and australiana. I guess I'll have to go with industrial australiana, a genre all of its own. A (working) cold drip dominates the space visually. More importantly, the coffee is good and the service excellent. I drank a double ristretto piccolo on the house blend (no SO available). It was very good. Indeed good enough for a second, which I ordered. Fast and friendly, as a morning coffee shot should be. Quality a fair bit better than one might expect for a centre cafe. Recommended.

reviewed famish'd

10 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

Funky space - as you'd expect in inner city Melbourne. St Ali coffee. Milk based coffees were smooth and great temperature. Double ristretto espresso somewhat over extracted. Unbelievably prompt service for a busy cafe with super friendly staff.

reviewed RAW & WILD Market & Café

10 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

Funky, earthy cafe and market. Ordered a double rissy piccolo on the Peruvian single origin. A touch over-extracted but very good. Absolutely killer service. The fact that the wait staff could suggest a friand to match the coffee was very impressive, and they were bang on with the coconut / lime suggestion. Excellent presentation. Coffee roasted feb 11 and in its prime.

reviewed Canyonleigh General Store

10 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

Well and truly off the beaten track! This little cafe is absolutely stunning aesthetically. Lots of rustic charm. The coffee was marginal (piccolo latte) but I imagine its difficult to move any sort of volume... however the friendly staff and the amazing orange cake were first class.

reviewed ESPL

10 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

Finally found this little hole in the wall after getting myself lost in the seemingly endless shopping strip. Started with a shot of the single origin (El Salvador). Fruity and great. Do not destroy with milk!! Followed with double ris piccolo on the house blend. Another fairly light roast made for a light melony coffee. I liked it! The barista was a great guy, knew his stuff and we had a chat. Great service. Killer coffee given its right on the beach and they'd be pumping out shots (today was rainy, windy and quiet!!!)

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