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reviewed Zero Point Coffee Shop

63 reviews · 5 followers · 8 months ago

Best cup I’ve had in Madrid, there’s a stunning Costa Rica available right now (along with a Kenyan and a few other options). I wish they had some outdoor space to sit, as they’re on a very cute street with lots of sunlight. There really are only 3-4 indoor seats.

reviewed Hola Coffee

63 reviews · 5 followers · 8 months ago

Cute small space, friendly, and there’s a coffee flight available on the menu, which always makes me happy. Options change often I’m sure, but available is a Kenyan, Ethiopian and Guatemalan, I believe all roasted in house. Also be sure to try the Coffee butter!

reviewed Mousetail Coffee

63 reviews · 5 followers · a year ago

The staff are lovely, super friendly, super personable. The space itself has plenty of tables lots of natural light with a nice view of the water. The coffee was alright, they do pour overs in a kalita, and it’s served with a carafe and cup, a lovely presentation, but the flavor was only alright. Overall a good time, I’ll certainly give them another shot :)

reviewed Curators Coffee Gallery

63 reviews · 5 followers · 2 years ago

So far best coffee I’ve had in London on this trip. Options for espresso include house Colombia Cauca, Brazil Sao Silvestre, filters include Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama. Very clean and rich espresso with no bite whatsoever, incredibly smooth. The Panama is light with a soft honey and bright floral notes... fantastically relaxing cup of coffee, I know, that’s an odd way to describe coffee... super friendly staff and a really interesting cast of characters in the cafe... I’ll definitely be coming back

reviewed Altezano

63 reviews · 5 followers · 2 years ago

Of all of the places I checked out in the greater Auckland area, this had the most variety of beans. In addition to that the espresso had nuance, rather than a single flavor. For milk alternatives, this place had the best soy latte! Great airy space.

Altezano's Avatar'


2 years ago

Hey! Thanks for the fantastic comments! Our Bold Blend you tried today, is comprised of carefully chosen single origins from El Salvador, mingled with an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and an Indian Chikmangalore. It's one of our favourites, so it's good to hear you appreciated it! Hope to see you again soon! Cheers, Tim

reviewed Coffee Shop

63 reviews · 5 followers · 4 years ago

Fantastic roasters represented here from George Howell to Sightglass to Four Barrell to Cafe Grumpy, to Stumptown, and many more. A pair of Slayers for espresso, and an incredibly friendly staff. Taking a safe rating of 9, but I'll happily bump it up if my second trip here is as great! Well done guys!

reviewed Anomali Coffee Menteng

63 reviews · 5 followers · 4 years ago

Quite a lovely selection of both coffee and brewing methods including siphon, pour over, press, and many others. Luwak coffee if you so desire. You do have to buy the bag of beans though, else they don't have it just ready to go. Very social space, with a great atmosphere.

reviewed Urban cacao

63 reviews · 5 followers · 4 years ago

Whilst mostly a chocolate shop, their espresso is quite good. Very friendly and welcoming keeper, and fantastic chocolates. It's a nice space, but doesn't allow much in terms of seating for a conversation... Again it's primarily a chocolate shop.

reviewed KOKO Coffee & Design

63 reviews · 5 followers · 4 years ago

Lovely selection, and incredible staff. Truly some of the most welcoming I've ever met. It's neat, it's both a coffee shop and a clothing showcase, plenty of interesting reading material, and almost all of the seating is groups, so it's great for meeting strangers :)

reviewed Go Get Em Tiger

63 reviews · 5 followers · 5 years ago

It's setup like a bad, you walk up, order your drink, stand and have it at the bar or take it to seats, truly welcoming vibe, and fantastic staff. The Full Nelson covers all aspects of what they make, all SO espresso, macchiato, cap, and an additional of your choice

reviewed Anodyne

63 reviews · 5 followers · 5 years ago

Whilst maybe it's a touch unfair to rate the coffee low, as what I got was already expected to be less than my first choice. Lovely atmosphere, truly fantastic space, and truly lovely staff. Cappuccino is fantastic, lighter than most somehow, but great. The pour over selection was all South American, which often isn't my favorite, but it wasn't bad...

reviewed The Mill

63 reviews · 5 followers · 5 years ago

Four barrel really does a fantastic espresso. Single origin, the Colombian was bright and tangy, truly quite great. Pour over was also good, nothing astounding, but I think that's personal preference.

reviewed Sightglass (SoMa)

63 reviews · 5 followers · 5 years ago

The location is fantastic, lots of space, lots of seating and a great vibe. I've never had a cup here that blew my mind but it's always good. Service, well it's never bad, but I also never feel any personal connection to it either...

reviewed Highwire Coffee Roasters

63 reviews · 5 followers · 5 years ago

The espresso was quite good, rich, and detailed. The serving cups and such were lovely also. I wasn't a big fan of the sparking water, had a metallic tap flavor to it. I tried the Ethiopian pour, it was alright, nothing particularly exciting. It almost tasted like the paper of a cup had soiled it's flavour, but it was served in ceramic.

reviewed Paddler’s Coffee

63 reviews · 5 followers · 5 years ago

Great pour overs, good selection by Kone filter Chemex, really friendly great service, and plenty of coffee reading if you're up for it! Upstairs above a clothing store, which in itself is kind of fun, but I hear they're opening a standalone location soon.

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