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reviewed Larder Dayelsford

26 reviews · a year ago

Coffee was perfect. Great flavour, well made with care. Some cold drip brewing on the counter along side fresh roasted beans for sale (I picked up a beaut bag of single origin). Coffee was so nice I wanted another one straight away haha! Also - lovely food and service.

reviewed Theatre Royal

26 reviews · a year ago

We just had three coffees here, and they were so nice I could have stayed for more coffee. Only minor complaint is that the small flat white was a bit weak for me, lovely cup it was but I think I would prefer a double shot. Pretty cool little spot too with the old school cinema and the wine tasting room.

reviewed Cartel Coffee Roasters

26 reviews · a year ago

Too hot, like scald you’re mouth hot, and way too weak of a coffee. Absolutely no where near as good as the coffee a few years ago here. Some beautiful coffees on the shelf though, although a tad over priced. Eg.. $40 for a 250g packet of Gesha - could get elsewhere for half the price.

Cartel Coffee Roasters's Avatar'

Cartel Coffee Roasters

a year ago

Rolley, We are sorry you did not enjoy your G1 Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Terekech natural process , These coffees are so delicate and tea like with zero defects actually they are flawless with a cup score of 89, as you know very few companies have this range of fine coffees, so with little experience drinking G1 these coffees can come across as weak though with experience drinking these fine coffees you start to understand these unique suttle flavors even with milk. We hope you come back again and when choosing your coffees at a real speciality try and ask for something with a little more body and fuller flavors of chocolate ( maybe a washed coffee ) , I think that’s the profile you would prefer and are looking for with your milk. In regards to the Gesha the price is actually $50 for 200g and as you know having a fine Gesha today is getting expensive and these coffees are rare and this particular one is $180kg so its hard to do what others do elsewhere and charge you $25 ( sorry ) As for our coffee range its pretty healthy with over 20 high scoring coffees on our coffee menu. We would love for you try come in and try some of them :-) Have a wonderful 2020

reviewed Heart & Soul Wholefood cafe

26 reviews · a year ago

Coffee was perfect, if I hadn’t hit the toad after grabbing one on the go I would have ordered another coffee straight after the first sip. On the food side I am pretty sure I had gluten from one of their gluten free cakes. It was the only place I got food from. Had the typical blinding headache. So coeliacs skip the cakes etc. but coffee: 100%!!!

reviewed Gus' Cafe (Rockhampton)

26 reviews · 4 years ago

Yet again a lovely flat white - perfect pour, great flavour in the small cup. Always get a double shot or more if you're getting a larger cup. I gave Gus a 10 for coffee today because even though the atmosphere is non existent the coffee is always fantastic!

reviewed The Workshop

26 reviews · 5 years ago

Coffee was delicious and well made. The beans are a nice mild roasted Montville coffee so it's also great to see an Australian bean cupped up. There's also more than just hot coffee, with some nice Japanese inspired twists. Worth checking in for food too as well as coffee.

reviewed Gelaspresso

26 reviews · 6 years ago

Kicking myself for not coming here earlier. It's a trendy little gelato espresso place that makes really decent coffee and great natural gelato. The coffee tastes fruity and bright, not sure but I suspect an Ethiopian bean in the mix and it's delicious.

reviewed JHAM Bar Espresso + Gelato

26 reviews · 6 years ago

Coffee is reasonably good and nicely made. Worth dropping in for the coffee. In terms of atmosphere I had no idea that this is actually a music shop with a coffee bar added. There's some outdoor street seating but no seating in the shop, which is great if you want a coffee and a play on a guitar perhaps but not great if you don't feel like sitting on the footpath with every person, dog, car and nearby smoker. Don't let that turn you off the coffee though, the service was lovely and the coffee is nice!

reviewed Produce Store

26 reviews · 7 years ago

Coffee was good (not amazing though) and the atmosphere and service was great. The place has an awesome menu and lovely items on the shelves to buy if you like that sort of thing. Possibly one of the best places in town.

reviewed Gus' Cafe (Rockhampton)

26 reviews · 8 years ago

Definitely one of the best places in town to get a coffee. It's just a tiny stall with a couple of seats but don't let that scare ya off, Gus himself tends to cup the best brew but the other staff also make a lovely cuppa. Good pricing too at this point in time.

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