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reviewed Breukelen Coffee Shop

12 reviews · 1 follower · 8 years ago

Nice neighborhood coffee shop catering to the new gentrification-of-Brooklyn crowd. Good vibes from the baristas and good music and atmosphere but unfortunately the coffee was only so-so. I ordered a cortado (pretty much the same as what Australians call a latte). The shot was well pulled but the milk was poorly textured with a big clump of thick foam rather than the smooth and creamy texture and transition that a trained hand can create. I'd still call it a good option if you're in the neighborhood and don't want to walk too far.

reviewed O Cafe

12 reviews · 1 follower · 8 years ago

Everything about this place is high-quality. The coffee is made by a lovely Brazilian family who have started this business from scratch. The pastry is a delicious, the frittata is delicious, everything here is delicious. They try to source most of their ingredients from Brazilian farmers. It's such high-quality and you'll be amazed at the value for money. I've tried espressos, cappuccinos, café latte, and Cortados here. They were old delicious. I've rarely come across a place that so consistently makes such fine coffee.

reviewed Bowery Coffee

12 reviews · 1 follower · 8 years ago

A relative newcomer to the New York espresso scene. These guys know what they are doing when it comes to fine espresso. I had an utterly superb Cortado here. Combined with the fact that they have gourmet donuts sourced from the world famous "donut plant" and you have a very dangerous place indeed!

reviewed Intelligentsia Coffee (Silver Lake, CA)

12 reviews · 1 follower · 8 years ago

By any other cafe's standard this would be an excellent cup of coffee but compared to their amazing Venice location it was a disappointment. When your brand is number one you have to maintain standards and the cappuccino I ordered here was imperfectly prepared and presented. The shot was over pulled leading to a bitter flavor and the milk was badly textured leading to a flat look and texture. They weren't helped by the fact that they forgot my order. Go to LaMill instead.

reviewed LAMILL Coffee

12 reviews · 1 follower · 8 years ago

I'd heard positive reports of LaMill from several friends but their descriptions of fru fru drinks like Creme Brûlée espresso etc. made me skeptical. To my delight, the macchiato that I ordered was excellent. The espresso had an excellent chocolate finish with no traces of bitterness. The breakfast I ordered was tasty but overpriced. I definitely recommend La Mill over the nearby intelligentsia. Intelligentsia's Silverlake location has nowhere near the charm or expertise of the Venice location.

reviewed Intelligentsia Coffee (Venice, CA)

12 reviews · 1 follower · 9 years ago

Intelligentsia sets the standard for American espresso and this place is a coffee snob's fantasy. All the baristas are excellent. I was particularly impressed by M'lissa, Nicely and Dan. It's best to go there early in the morning or in the late afternoon for a lovely affogato. The lines can be twenty to thirty people deep at peak time which tends to be from 8-11AM.

reviewed Ninth Street Espresso (Alphabet City)

12 reviews · 1 follower · 9 years ago

A review is probably superfluous since this place is so highly regarded. The reputation is deserved. This is some of the best espresso I've ever had. Order a straight espresso or macchiato and drink it unsweetened. You'll experience a light, smooth flavor with no bitterness and even a slight natural sweetness. The buzz you get from a drink like this has no jittery quality. I think that the bitter alkaloids in a poorly pulled espresso are the cause of this feeling, not the caffeine. More research is needed on this theory;) but in any case the espresso at ninth st is a fine quality drug.

reviewed Third Rail Coffee

12 reviews · 1 follower · 9 years ago

This place is among the new generation of artisan espresso bars in New York. Every barista knows how to make good coffee. They make a delicious macchiato. All the employees seem to be good friends and dedicated to the art o fine coffee. Really great.

reviewed Octane Coffee Bar (Westside)

12 reviews · 1 follower · 9 years ago

Octane is pretty inconsistent. When I lived in Atlanta is go there regularly and some of the baristas were excellent. One had travelled in Australia and NZ and so knew what coffee was supposed to taste like. Other times it would be undrinkably bitter. Cross your fingers I guess. ;)

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