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reviewed Jet Bar Caffe

265 reviews · 6 days ago

A good find. A dog friendly cafe with dog treats available. Jet Bar has only been open a month and is going well. Coffees were excellent and the breakfast menu was extensive. Service was excellent and water was provided. Worth a visit

reviewed Apothecary Coffee

265 reviews · 9 days ago

Coffees were great with a nice strong flavour and a smooth creamy mouthfeel. There was quite a pleasant buzz on a Wednesday afternoon as the cafe was comfortably full. Service was very good and speedy. Water was available.

reviewed Glee coffee roasters

265 reviews · a month ago

Quite a bitter coffee which I like. Maybe the texture was a bit thin but it was still worth drinking. Some nice coffee art enhanced the experience. Ambiance was very pleasant with indoor and outside seating. Service was fast and efficient.

reviewed The Missing Piece

265 reviews · a month ago

Situated in a Shopping Centre next to the escalators so the ambiance was ordinary. The coffees had good flavour but were a little thin in texture. Service was fast and efficient but no water was offered.

reviewed Arthur street cafe

265 reviews · a month ago

Coffees were reasonable without being outstanding. The cafe itself was clean, fresh and well looked after. The ambiance was good too with a nice buzz and a good crowd on a Sunday morning. Service was fast and efficient.

reviewed Duck Duck Moose

265 reviews · a month ago

Good funky ambiance with an inner city feel in Wyong. Coffees were very good indeed, served at just the right temperature, with strong flavour and a touch of bitterness and the milk was well shaped and integrated. Service was cheerful and friendly. Definitely worth a visit.

reviewed The Container

265 reviews · a month ago

This cafe is quite small but has an interesting ambiance as it is just across the road from the tree lined park. It was quite busy on a Tuesday morning. Coffees were well constructed and tasty. The milk was well shaped and the taste had the necessary touch of bitterness. Service was very good and water was brought to the table without us having to ask. Worth a visit.

reviewed Finn & Co Cafe

265 reviews · 3 months ago

Coffees were good and the ambiance was pleasant with the cafe full of customers on a cool morning. The menu had some interesting selections and the younger members of our party enjoyed the”Santa’s Little Helper Shake” which was incredible. Service was very efficient.

reviewed Il Postinos

265 reviews · 3 months ago

As the name would imply, I’ll Postino is in the old Post Office and the ambiance was great with a good crowd of customers present. Coffees were good with a strong , somewhat bitter taste but the milk in our flat whites was not as creamy as I like. Service was fast and efficient.

reviewed Lane Cove National Park Cafe

265 reviews · 3 months ago

The only downside is having to pay to enter the National Park. Other than that the coffee is delicious and beautifully served in mugs on a wooden paddle (very interesting). Being in the park the ambiance is outstanding with greenery abounding and plenty of fresh air. The wait staff were cheerful and efficient.

reviewed The Rocks Pantry

265 reviews · 3 months ago

Comfortable ambiance on a cool rainy morning. Coffees tasted fine but were served in paper cups despite us drinking on site. Other people ha cups or mugs. Maybe we were not clear enough when ordering. Service was efficient.

reviewed HB corner cafe

265 reviews · 3 months ago

Returned after a year and found if anything, the coffee had improved. The owners are doing a good job of turning a corner shop into a cafe. The service was very efficient and friendly.

reviewed Rolling Penny

265 reviews · 4 months ago

Most importantly the coffees were good. The flavour was mellow but with a nice lingering mouthfeel. The ambiance was great and really suited a funky suburb like Newtown. Service was efficient and they asked a single customer to move to make space for our party.

reviewed The Attic Fremantle

265 reviews · 4 months ago

The flavour of the coffees was good and our flat whites were creamy with the well shaped milk integrated into the shot. We had a nice serving of fruit toast which did not appear on the menu but was available when we asked. The ambiance is quite funky and there is a small pavement sitting area which we used. Service was fast and efficient despite a steady stream of customers.

reviewed Ginos

265 reviews · 4 months ago

Gino’s was a bit disappointing really as our coffees lacked the slightly bitter edge I like. The setting was suburban footpath and otherwise unremarkable. Service was fine.

reviewed Chalky's Espresso Bar

265 reviews · 4 months ago

A good situation near the Roundhouse albeit a little stark. Our coffees were a little sweeter than normal but still pleasant. Disappointingly our flat whites came in paper cups as they were closing for the day shortly. Service was fast and efficient and water was available.

reviewed Duck Duck Bruce

265 reviews · 4 months ago

Definitely a 10/10. Coffees were full of flavour and the milk in our flat whites was well shaped. The food was very good as well and the quirky names provoked plenty of discussion. Service was very good as well being attentive and cheerful.

reviewed Le Cafe qui Parle

265 reviews · 4 months ago

I asked for a cafe au lait and what I got was very like a flat white while my travelling companion asked for a cappuccino which was predictably frothy as is the French style. The €11 breakfast was fantastic and worth every euro cent. Service was fast, cheerful and efficient. Well worth a visit.

reviewed Bel Ami

265 reviews · 4 months ago

We were in Paris so the ambiance had to be good. There was constant action on the footpath and roads outside with many people walking by, probably to work. The coffees looked different from what we are used to but the flavour was very good as was the egg on avocado toast and the pancakes. Fun to be here.

reviewed Groot Melkhuis

265 reviews · 5 months ago

Coffees were quite acceptable especially as I ordered a double shot in our flat whites. We also had a quiche and salad which we would definitely recommend. Service was efficient and fast considering the large number of people present.

reviewed The Runaway Spoon

265 reviews · 5 months ago

Coffees were very pleasant with excellent structure and a good taste. The milk was welled shaped and the result was quite creamy. Ambiance was good with a comfortable feel even though there was a reasonable crowd of locals enjoying their coffees. Service was efficient.

reviewed George St Loft

265 reviews · 6 months ago

Coffees were creamy with a touch of bitterness which we like. Temperature was slightly cool but very acceptable. Our scones were excellent being crisp on the outside and fluffy in the middle. Ambiance was good with a full house and quite a buzz on a Friday morning. Service was cheerful and efficient.

reviewed Long Arm Farm Cafe & Produce

265 reviews · 6 months ago

Great ambiance. Coffees were smooth and mellow with a mild flavour. We had excellent scones with black cherry and plum jam but the cream unfortunately was not to the same standard. Service was fast, efficient and cheerful. Worth a visit.

reviewed Ristretto

265 reviews · 7 months ago

Coffee was great. Perfect texture and temperature leading to a good lingering mouthfeel. Service was outstanding and was cheerful and friendly. As an example our melting moment biscuits were served on a slate with a drizzle of strawberry syrup and accompanied by a strawberry and two blueberries sprinkled with icing sugar. Good ambiance as well.

reviewed Crema on Lords

265 reviews · 7 months ago

Crema is small and funky with very little seating but the coffees are excellent. Flavour was interesting and the texture of the milk was perfect. All served at just the right temperature. The staff were all young and enthusiastic so the service was good too. It was nice to see them engaging in banter with all the customers. Definitely worth a visit.

reviewed Good Eddy

265 reviews · 7 months ago

Most importantly the coffee was excellent. Flavour was smooth and mellow but retained the touch of bitterness we like and lingered in the mouth for some time. The ambiance was modern and funky in this quite small establishment and it was busy with constant comings and goings. Service was not fast but this was because the barista did everything correctly eg shaping the milk separately for each of our flat whites.

reviewed Soul Food Design Depot & Gallery

265 reviews · 7 months ago

Great modern ambiance with some interesting food delicacies for sale. Great service, cheerful and friendly. Good coffee with a nice mellow flavour and a pleasant lingering aftertaste. Milk in our flat whites could have been creamier which would have led to a higher score.

reviewed Gumnut

265 reviews · 7 months ago

Nice ambiance with both inside seating surrounded by gift items for sale and an outside courtyard. Coffees were a little weak for our taste but otherwise pleasant. Service was good.

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