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reviewed The Hen and Bow Espresso Bar

334 reviews · 24 days ago

Set in a suburban shopping area so ambiance was ordinary but the flat whites were very good and made the short drive off the main road worthwhile. There was a pleasant lingering bitterness and the well shaped milk made for a creamy texture. Service was efficient and our coffees arrived promptly.

reviewed The Hub Espresso Bar and Eatery

334 reviews · 25 days ago

A return visit and we were not disappointed. Coffees were well textured and strongly flavoured. The cafe was very busy on a Sunday morning and I was impressed with the prompt arrival of our flat whites. As before the service was great with many staff on duty.

reviewed Factory Espresso

334 reviews · a month ago

Came because of the reviews and wasn’t disappointed. Our coffees were very flavoursome with well shaped and integrated milk. The ambiance was industrial as the name would imply and it was very busy on a Saturday morning. Despite this our flat whites arrived promptly. The passion fruit melting moments were excellent.

reviewed Nimrod's

334 reviews · a month ago

A small but busy cafe with a good vibe and not well signposted so hard to find. But it is worth the effort. Our flat whites were excellent being creamy with a smooth lingering taste. Service was cheerful and efficient.

reviewed Jespresso Coffee Co

334 reviews · a month ago

Coffees were a little thin but still quite acceptable. Ambiance was good with clothing and other items for sale. Service was efficient and speedy. We liked the melting moments as well.

reviewed feathers cafe

334 reviews · a month ago

Great ambiance in an older style with a series of different spaces inside and out. Our flat whites were creamy with well shaped milk and strongly flavoured. Service was smooth and efficient. Worth a visit.

reviewed T Table

334 reviews · a month ago

A return visit after 3 years. Coffees were good and so was the mars bar slice. Milk in our flat whites was better shaped than on our previous visit and the flavour was strong but smooth. Service was cheerful and efficient.

reviewed The Daily Grind Mungindi

334 reviews · a month ago

The flavour of our coffees was great. A strong bitter start with slightly burnt notes at the finish. As we are out of Queensland we did not have to ask for a double shot in our mugs. My only reservation was a slight lack of that creamy texture found in a good flat white. Ambiance and service were top notch. Worth a visit.

reviewed The Xtra Mile

334 reviews · 2 months ago

Ambiance and coffees were very good but unfortunately because of staff shortages due to illness, service left quite a bit to be desired. Unordered food arrived and one of our coffees was slow to arrive. I would be prepared to give this cafe another chance as the rest of the experience was so good

reviewed Zest Cafe

334 reviews · 2 months ago

Set in a shopping centre so ambiance was pretty average. However our coffees were most acceptable with a double shot offered in mugs which is unusual in FNQ. Therefore taste was good and service was fast and efficient.

reviewed Coffee Pozzee

334 reviews · 3 months ago

Coffees were very welcome after a bit of a drive. Ask for a double shot in the larger versions. Scones were also good as were the pulleys and carrot cake. Service was friendly and efficient.

reviewed Sip Espresso Bar

334 reviews · 3 months ago

A funky little cafe with good strong coffee full of flavour and served at just the right temperature. Unfortunately they were served in paper cups but we could have brought our own keep it cups. Service was cheerful and efficient.

reviewed Alowishus Delicious

334 reviews · 3 months ago

Our flat whites were good but took some time to arrive. In fairness the cafe was quite crowded and the Thursday farmers market outside provided interest. The date scones were massive and chock a block full of fruit and they arrived quickly. Worth a visit.

reviewed Framed Espressobar

334 reviews · 3 months ago

Coffees were relatively mild in flavour but had a good mouth feel. The ambiance was very pleasant with comfortable chairs surrounded by art works, mirrors etc which are related to the framing part of the business. The mood was quiet and contemplative. Service was excellent.

reviewed The Dancing Goat Cafe

334 reviews · 3 months ago

Good coffee which was served at just the right temperature. Service was very fast, cheerful and efficient despite the large crowd in on a cold winter Sunday morning. The staff made room for our party of 8. There was a good buzz! Worth a visit.

reviewed Alby & Esther's

334 reviews · 3 months ago

Coffee had an interesting taste with a sweet start but a lingering and slightly bitter finish. The texture was creamy in our flat whites. The “gallery” was warm and comfortable on a cold winter morning but there were also outdoor tables for warmer weather. Service was very good indeed. Worth a visit.

reviewed Busby's Cafe Restaurant

334 reviews · 4 months ago

Our flat whites were a little fluffy but that was the only slightly negative feature. The flavour of the coffee was excellent and they were served at the correct temperature. We had homemade scones which were very good indeed and one serving consisted of 3 scones. Service was also very good. Worth a visit.

reviewed Roses

334 reviews · 5 months ago

Tried out Roses after reading the previous reviews. They were accurate and Roses was very good with excellent ambiance and service. We sat at a nice sunny table overlooking the park and enjoyed flat whites and scones. Coffee had great flavour but the texture was slightly on the thin side. Despite this minor quibble I would highly recommend Roses Cafe.

reviewed Campos Dulwich Hill

334 reviews · 5 months ago

Coffees were really good. Great flavour and excellent texture were features of our flat whites and made for an enjoyable experience. Service was efficient and pleasant. The cafe was quite crowded which gave it a good buzz on a Saturday afternoon. Worth a visit.

reviewed Papercup Cafe

334 reviews · 5 months ago

As it was situated in an old pub, the ambiance was quite good but there was not a lot of seating. Coffees were served at the right temperature and had a strong flavour. The level of bitterness was pleasant and the texture of the milk was good as well. Service was adequate.

reviewed Kentaro

334 reviews · 5 months ago

Coffees were tasty and the coffee art (Swans in this case) was expertly done. The texture was to my liking and the touch of bitterness lingered in the mouth. Service was fast and efficient with a great range of menu items. Definitely worth a visit.

reviewed Monday Morning Cafe

334 reviews · 5 months ago

Coffees looked good and importantly tasted good as well. Flavour was smooth but finished with a touch of bitterness which lingered in the mouth. Considering the suburban location across from the station, ambiance was great and I imagine that many commuters would drop by.

reviewed Brownie Bar Cafe .

334 reviews · 6 months ago

A good location with plenty of parking. It was quite crowded on a Sunday morning but service was still fast and efficient. Our coffees had good flavour and well shaped milk (not too fluffy on our flat whites). Worth a visit.

reviewed Beachouse Cafe

334 reviews · 6 months ago

Returned after a year and mentioned that our previous coffees had been a little hot. The barista kindly redid the milk to 65 degrees and as a result the coffees were excellent. Good service.

reviewed Coffee Drs

334 reviews · 6 months ago

A new cafe in Hornsby is always good news and this one is worth visiting. Our flat whites were strong in flavour with a good texture (just the right amount of froth integrated into the shot) and served at the right temperature. Service was friendly, cheerful and efficient

reviewed Brew Haven Cafe

334 reviews · 6 months ago

Brew Haven has just opened and used to be known as The Native. The ambiance is still just as good looking out over the river. Our coffees had great flavour but were a little fluffy as flat whites (more like a cappuccino really). Service was enthusiastic and cheerful.

reviewed Beach Break Cafe

334 reviews · 6 months ago

It would be hard to beat the ambiance looking out over the beach on a bright warm early autumn morning Coffees were up to standard with a good shot with the milk in our flat whites well integrated into the mix. Service was reasonable.

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