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reviewed Hyper Hyper Coffee

4 reviews · 6 followers · 6 years ago

O.K. I own Hyper Hyper and was happy to have worked hard with all our crew to make number 1 in australia last friday. That is without question a good thing for Nowra. The consistency of our coffee has given us that ranking over three years from some of the highest credited reviewers in the country, I am sorry if you find my Fairtrade coffee tastes bitter and strong to you and that my cafe resembles a homeless shelter. I see that in your reviews, (some 14 in 2 hours) you gave Hopper Society 10 and slammed the rest of the Nowra cafes you commented on.. on what "consistency" was that based as they only opened a week ago. My guess is that you set out to slam those you see as competition for your favourite. re the Milano1, I was shown your review on a friends mobile phone and replied to your review straight away but it was logged in as their identity so I have to apologise for the mistake. I will be requesting that Beanhunter remove your reviews.

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